Author Topic: Sussex Emigrants to New Zealand 1839-42  (Read 8817 times)

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Sussex Emigrants to New Zealand 1839-42
« on: Thursday 19 February 04 23:03 GMT (UK) »
In 1996 whilst completing my Local History Certificate at The University of Sussex, one of the modules covered Poverty and Emigration and we received many handouts to illustrate the text of that particular lecture.
One of those handouts was a list of 106 Emigrants to New Zealand under the New Zealand Companys scheme for Free and assisted passages 1839-42 ; surprisingly much of this impetus towards emigration came from the poor law authorities themselves.

Here is that list;

Sussex emigrants granted free passage by New Zealand Company 1839-42

Ship Adelaide dep 18 Sep 1839 Gravesend arr Wellington 7 Mar 1840
Charles Hunt, baker, gardener, bricklayer, Eastbourne, marr, 51, wife 44, son 5
Maria Hunt, straw plaiter & bonnet maker, Eastbourne, single 24
Emily Hunt, milliner & dressmaker, Eastbourne, single 20
Fanny Hunt, milliner & dressmaker, Eastbourne, single, 17
William Luxford, butcher & farmer, Eastbourne, marr, 39, w39, s 14,13,5,3, d 11,9
James Swann, carpenter & joiner, Eastbourne, marr, 38, w 39, s 9,5,1, d 7,3
James Ward, farm labourer & limeburner, Eastbourne, marr, 32, w 27
Edward Ward, farm labourer, Eastbourne, single, 18
Trayton Weston, carpenter & joiner, single, 19

Ship Arab dep Gravesend 3 Jun 1841 arr Wellington 16 Oct 1841
Samuel Furminger, agricultural labourer, Brede, marr, 44, w 38, s 8,3, d 12,10,7
Elizabeth Furminger, sempstress, Brede, single, 20
Samuel Furminger jnr, agricultural labourer, Brede, single, 18
Harriett Furminger, sempstress, Brede, single, 16
Mary Furminger, sempstress, Brede, single, 14
Thomas Richardson, bricklayer & mason, Hastings, marr, 38, w 37, s 13,5,3, d 11,8
James Robert Richardson, farmer & gardener (farm lab), Brede, marr, 22, w 20
Thomas Turner Richardson, bricklayer & mason, Hastings, single, 16
George Richardson, labourer, Hastings, single, 14

Ship Katherine Stewart Forbes dep 5 Feb 1841 Gravesend arr Wellington 11 Jun 1841
Edward Richardson, agricultural labourer, Brede, marr, 19, (wife 19 applic reg only)

Ship Gertrude dep Gravesend 19 Jun 1841 arr Wellington 31 Oct 1841
George Ade, miller, to pay £20(ticked), Willingdon, single, 22
Richard Bragge, agricultural labourer, Winchelsea, marr, 40, w 36, s 3,1
Jane Bragge, sempstress, Winchelsea, single, 17
Alfred Bragge, labourer, Winchelsea, single, 15
William Durrant, labourer, Willingdon, £20 paid, single, 16
Ann Martin, seamstress, Winchelsea, single, 24 (d to FW below),
Francis Whiteman, agricultural labourer, Winchelsea, widower, 40, s 13, 6, d 9

Ship Mary Ann dep Gravesend Sep 1841,(Deal 24 Sep) arr Wellington 27 Jan 1842, Nelson 9 Feb.
Edward Fairhall, agricultural labourer, Brede, marr, 39, w 39, s 12,5,3, d 10,1
William Fairhall, servant, (agricultural labourer, applic reg) Brede, single, 19
Ann Fairhall, servant, Brede, single, 17
Eliza Fairhall, servant, Brede, single, 15
Emery Houndsell, agricultural labourer, Brede, single, 20
William Houndsell, agricultural labourer, Brede, single, 17
David Noakes, agricultural labourer, Brede, marr, 21, w 19
James Richardson, agricultural labourer, Brede, marr, 23, w 21, s 1 d 2

Ship Lord Auckland dep Gravesend Sep 1841, Deal 27 Sep, arr Wellington 7 Feb 1842, Nelson 27 Feb
Robert Jeffrey Durrant, aglab & sawyer, Brede, marr 38, w 33, s 10, d 12, 8, 6,2mths
Henry Richardson, farm labourer, Brede, single 16 (applic reg 17)

Ship Sir Charles Forbes dep Gravesend 1 May 1842 arr Nelson 23 Aug 1842
George Morley, carpenter & joiner Westbourne, Sussex, single 21
Eliza Morley, milliner & dressmaker, Westbourne, Sx, single 18 (bro & sis, app reg)
John Tutty, bread & biscuit baker, Hastings, marr 23, w 18

Ship Olympous dep Gravesend 16 Jun 1842, arr Nelson 25 Oct 1842
Richard Warner, quarryman & blacksmith, Ore, marr 23, w 23, s 1

Ship Thomas Sparks dep Gravesend 27 Jul 1842 arr Wellington 31 Jan 1843
Thomas W Hide, agricultural labourer, Fairlight, marr 28, w 28, d 5
Abraham Voller, agricultural & bricklayers labourer (& quarryman, applic reg), Ore, marr.32.w31 d 13, 12, 7

Ship Eden dep London 6 Jun 1850 arr New Plymouth 29 Oct 1850
George Fitness, labourer, Frant, marr 30, w 51, s 6 (£15 10s applic reg)

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Re: Sussex Emigrants to New Zealand 1839-42
« Reply #1 on: Wednesday 14 July 04 16:40 BST (UK) »
Hi Chris,
I already have this info., but I've always wondered how I could get more details about these passengers from Eastbourne, especially TRAYTON WESTON.
Hopefully, you can put me on the right track!

Kind regards.

LES WESTON, Eastbourne.East sussex.
EVES, BROOM of STONE, KENT.<br />WESTON, FREEMAN and EDWARDS<br />of Eastbourne.<br />PAGE of Kirkcaldy, Scotland.<br />PERKINS,BLABER,WHITE,CREAD,HURD,WRAIGHT,CRISP,PHELPS, RAFFETTY. All Sussex<br />CHELL of Donnington,Yorkshire.<br />LONDON,HUTTON of Middlesex.<br />WEBER of Germany.

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Re: Sussex Emigrants to New Zealand 1839-42
« Reply #2 on: Thursday 19 March 09 06:17 GMT (UK) »
Hi Chris,

I am one of the myriads of Thomas Richardson's descendents (he may have started poor but he did pretty well once he got here).
I have a question, not about the list as shown here but as it is shown on the 1066 page.  That version shows TR's wife as being "Mercy".  TR's wife was Delia nee Burgess.  So I was wondering if you knew the source they used for that handout.

Kia ora
C. Screw.
Farra - Dn NZ, Vic, Yorks ?
Wood - West Coast NZ, Durham
Heffernan - West Coast NZ, Tipperary
Erwin - Chch NZ, Antrim
Millichamp - Dn NZ, Warks ?
Trotter - Durham
Rundle - West Coast NZ, Cornwall
Davis - Wel & Chch NZ, Cork
Cogan - Chch NZ, Greenwich, Somerset ?
Calvert - London, Yorks
Harding - Suffolk, Cambs
Trythall† & Simmons - Cornwall
Barry - Cork
Mairs & Neill - Antrim
Richardson - Well & Marton NZ, E. Sussex
Burgess - E. Sussex
Porteous & Weir - Scotland