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Re: Albert C Seifert Philadelphia
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Buckle up, here is Alexander's story.

Alexander Allan
1887 – 1943     

My Great Uncle Alexander was born on March 1st 1887 at 16, Canal Street, the District of St Nicholas, Burgh of Aberdeen to Robert Allan and Elspet (Gordon).  He was one of nine children

Jane Ross Gordon   7/11/1881     14, Nelson Street, Huntly
Margaret               28/08/1883      34, Albion Street, Aberdeen
Robert                 1/05/1885      62, Hutcheon Street, Aberdeen
Mary Jack             23/02/1889      16, Canal Street, Aberdeen
John Smith            22/02/1891        7, Ann Street, Woodside, Aberdeen
James                     24/07/1893        4, Cottage Mounds, Old Aberdeen
William                  15/07/1895      24, Jute Street, Aberdeen
Elsie Gordon         22/03/1899      47, Canal Road, Aberdeen

In his early years Alexander would see the death of his infant sister Elsie who died 9 months after
she was born, on the28th December 1899 the cause of death was diagnosed as malnutrition. Alexander and his brothers and sisters would have probably gone to either Causewayed or Sunnyside Primary School Aberdeen. There is not much to go on from his birth till the Census of 1901 of Aberdeen where he stayed with
his parents at 47 Canal Road in Aberdeen where he was employed as a Jute Factory Hand along with his sister Jane Ross Gordon.

From Alexander’s Army Service History it would appear that Alexander was in an Army Volunteer Force but left in 1907.

In 1907 Alexander took the bull by the horns like a lot of young men of his age and decided that the land of Milk & Honey was his for the taking.
He set sail for America from Liverpool on the 3rd of July 1907 on the SS Westeruland, he gave his mother’s address as 1 Farquhar Place Aberdeen as his point of contact. He was to visit a Mr McLeod.

He came home to Scotland but he returned to America sailing into Philadelphia in July leaving Liverpool on the 9th June 1909 aboard the SS Haverford, again he was to stay with a Mr McLeod who he now cites as a relative who stays at John Street, Frankford, Philadelphia.  On the same ship was an Agnes Bowie who hailed from Newmilns in Ayrshire he would marry Agnes at a later date.
We have Alexander on the 1910 American Census that was taken on the 15th day of April, he was staying as a boarder at 4505 Oxford Street Philadelphia and he is listed as a Labourer Contractor, he is with young men of a similar age.
I imagine that he would be courting the soon to be new Mrs Allan at this time.
His brother Robert sailed on the SS Merrion on 2nd of August 1911 to Boston to visit his brother Alexander.  He stayed from the August until the 20th of November when he returned home.  It would be fair to say he didn’t go for a holiday but went in search of work.  He gives the address of his mother 1, Farquhar Street, Aberdeen as point of contact.


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Re: Albert C Seifert Philadelphia
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They were to move to Newmilns in Ayrshire and on the Valuation Roll of 1916 – 1917 Alexander was the tenant of 13 Union Street and gave his occupation as a stoker (he would have fed the furnace to keep the engine going on a train), his father in law possibly got him this job as he was an engine keeper with the Railways.  Alexander rejoined the army on the 11th of December 1915 where he signed his Attestation papers swearing allegiance to King and Country.
The next day he was placed with the Army Reserve where he would undergo physical and skills training.  From the 15th of May 1916  till the 15th May 1917 it appears as he was posted as a Recruiting Officer for the 21st Recruiting Area, this may have been due to him being blind in his right eye and thought unfit for overseas duties.

The medical inspection on Alexander carried out from the period of 15th May 1917 till 27th May 1917 at Ayr shows the following-

Service Number      118040
Age            30 & 3 months
Trade            Labourer
Height          5’ 8” tall
Weight         128lbs (8 stone 4 lbs)
Chest            36 ½ inches
Expansion           2 ½ inches
Vaccination Marks     1           
When Vaccinated      Infancy

Vision         Right Eye – nil – previously discharged due to
defect right eye

Marks         Small scar left upper arm, Tattoo marks right
Forearm – Heads “Clasped Hands”,
“True Love
Slight Defects      B11 = (B2)

            B1 = Free from serious organic diseases, able
                                                  to stand service on Lines of
        Communication in France, or in
        garrisons in the tropics.

                                        B1 = Able to march 5 miles, see to shoot with
         glasses, and hear well.
                                       B2 = Able to walk 5 miles, see and hear
                                                Sufficiently for ordinary purposes

Vaccination      23/ 5/17} TAB Mixed vaccine, Typhoid and
                                         31/5/17   Paratyphoid A and B

                  30/5/17   VAC

Address             13 Union Street, Newmilns         

On his Casualty Form – Active Service his qualification is that of Nursing Orderly on General Duty where he would be doing basic paramedic training at Sheffield Training Centre attached to “R” Coy.  He was posted to Number 19 Coy of the Royal Army Medical Core Queen Mary’s Hospital Whalley on the 21st of June 1917.  On the 28th August 1917 he was granted 5th Rate Corps pay and was transferred from Whalley to Training Centre Blackpool on the 31st August 1917.

On the 6th October 1917 Alexander was posted to the Egyptian Expeditionary Force which was a journey of 14 days by ship to Egypt, he served in Egypt from then until 1st January 1920 when he was shipped back to the U.K. arriving on the 20th January.  At this time he would be making preparations to be demobbed.  He was granted what would have been a kind of travel warrant “Protection Certificate & Certificate of Identity” which was stamped in London on the 21st January 1920 which was valid for 28 days from that date; it gave his home address as 18 Brown Street, Newmilns.  As of the 17th February 1920 Alexander ceased to be a soldier.  He was awarded the Victory Medal & the British War Medal for his service.  His will that he made whilst enlisted was returned to him on the 8th of October 1920

There was one letter from his wife to the army-
13, Union Street

Dear Sir,
      Just a note to say that I can’t send you my boy’s birth certificate as he was born in Philadelphia and you get none there.
Hope it will be all right as you will see by our lines that we were married there our boy was born on the 25th day of June 1913 that is the right date so that is all the information I can give.
Mrs A Allan

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Re: Albert C Seifert Philadelphia
« Reply #20 on: Wednesday 12 February 20 19:39 GMT (UK) »
The family returned to America on the 13th of August 1921 from Glasgow on the SS Cameronia, he gives his occupation as a Stonecutter and the corresponding address of Hugh Bowie, Isle Street, Newmilns Ayrshire as the contact in Scotland.  They were going to stay with Harry Bowie at 8 Waverly Park, Patchogue, this was Agnes’s brother.  Alexander is described as having fair complection with fair hair but there is a mention that he is blind in one of his eyes.

On the 29th of July 1927 Carl Albert Seifert was killed when his car was hit by a train as he attempted to cross a level crossing.  He was on his way to meet up with wife Helene and daughter Marie who were staying in New Jersey.  He was buried at Northwood cemetery in Philadelphia.

Agnes died from Lobar Pneumonia on the 18th of February at 6.50 p.m in 1928 at Philadelphia City Hospital, their address at this time was 2053 East Russell Street in Philadelphia, it is thought that Robert had been either left behind at Patchalogue with the Bowies or had been sent to stay with them with his mother being unwell.

There was an obituary published in the Philadelphia Public Ledger for February 21, 1928. I have transcribed the notice as follows:

ALLEN.--Feb. 18. AGNES BOWIE, beloved wife of Alexander Allen. Relatives and friends are invited to attend the funeral services, Wed., 1 P.M. at her late residence, 2053 E. Russell St. Interred at Oakland Cemetery. Friends may call Tuesday evening.


Agnes is buried in Oakland Cemetery Philadelphia
Section (L) #458 Grave number (1).

Alexander married a widow Martha Helene Seifert sometime between 1928 – 1930, as they appear on the 1930 American Census as staying at 2942 North Orianna Street which is in the Fishtown district of Philadelphia.
Helen is noted as being of German birth, as were her parents.  It is also noted that she was a widow from a previous marriage. Young Robert is shown as now being back with his father and step mother.  Family folklore has it that Alexander and Robert had a major disagreement which led to them never being in contact again.

We have a record of Helene returning to New York on the SS Bremen from Bremen Germany on the 31st of October arriving in New York on the 6th of November 1933 and giving her address as Orianna Street in Philadelphia.
The SS Bremen of 1929 was one of a pair of ocean liners built for the Norddeutsche Lloyd line (NDL) for the transatlantic passenger service. The Bremen was notable for her low streamlined profile, and modern approach to her design. Her sister ship was the Europa, later renamed Liberté. The German pair sparked the building of the large (and very expensive) express liners of the 1930s.
Bremen and her sister were designed to have a cruising speed of 27.5 knots, allowing a crossing time of 5 days. This speed enabled Norddeutsche Lloyd to run regular weekly crossings with two ships, a feat that normal required three. It was claimed that Bremen briefly reach speeds of 32 knots during her see trials.
Alexander’s son Rusty as he was known, worked with Hodge Podge (a Candy store) when he was 18. He moved to Patchogue in New York to stay with the Bowie’s, his late mother’s side of the family.

Rusty married Irene Losee on October 15, 1935 at the Nativity Church, Poughkeepsie, Middle Village, Queens, New York. Irene Agnes Losee Allan worked as a housekeeper in the early 1930's for a wealthy Jewish family in Brighton Beach, Queens, Long Island City, New York. In 1936 the couple had their first daughter Agnes was born.

We have a few pictures of Alexander and his sister Jane Ross Gordon Burnnet that were taken around 1937 in or around Maine.
We also have a few snaps of Alexander at his sister’s Jane Ross Gordon Burnett house, this picture was taken around 1941 and also one at the graveyard, possibly on the 1st Anniversary of Henry L.G. Burnets passing.
Meanwhile young Rusty had joined up with the army during the war and was stationed in Kentucky for a period of time before being shipped overseas and wife Irene worked in a military assembly factory.

On the 27 April 1942 The American Government made it compulsory for all men who born on or between 28 April 1877 and 16 February 1897 and who were between 45 and 64 years old and who were not already in the military, to fill in a Draft Registration Card.  These cards were to be carried at all times.  Alexander had such a card (image to follow) it contained the following detail-

Address: 2942 North Orianna Street Philadelphia, PA.
Date of birth: February 28, 1886
Place of birth: Scotland
Name and address of person who will
always know your address: Mrs. Ella Allan
Employer's name and address: National Liquorice Company 13th and Washington Avenue Philadelphia, PA.

Alexander died on March 27th 1943 at Hamburg Sanatorium in Philadelphia and is buried (although his name does not appear on the headstone) at Northwood cemetery in Philadelphia.  A short intimation was placed in the newspaper to inform friends of his passing.

From the Philadelphia Inquirer for Tuesday, March 30, 1943, page 35:

"ALLAN - March 27, 1943,  ALEXANDER, husband of Helen Allan.  Relatives and friends of the family are invited to funeral services, Wed., 2:30 P.M., Funeral Home of John Richmond, 612 West Lehigh Avenue.  Interned Northwood Cemetery.  Friends may call Tuesday evening."



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Re: Albert C Seifert Philadelphia
« Reply #21 on: Tuesday 18 February 20 18:44 GMT (UK) »
Alistair: I was unable to find the marriage record of Alexander and Agnes and I checked numerous sources. Have you seen this post from It's an old post but possibly you could get in touch with him.

As for the photos, these are not newspaper photos but glossy black and white and very clear. I think they were taken for insurance purposes for my grandmother (wife of Fred Kligge). I do not have my scanner set up but I will either set it up or ask my son to take a digital photo of the accident.


Allan Family Information
Robert H. Allan (View posts)
Posted: 10 Mar 2001 07:00AM
Classification: Query
Surnames: Allan, Bowie, Wagstaff, Pollock, Morton, Hunter, McKarter, Young
I am looking for information on Alexander Allan who was born in 1885 (we believe he was born in Glasgow) He married Agnes Wood Bowie who was born in Newmilns in 1881. Agnes' father was Hugh Bowie, he was born in Newmilns in 1849. Her mother was Helen Pollock born in Galston in 1861. Agnes' grandfather was Henry Bowie and her grandmother was Helen Pollock born in Galston in 1861. Unfortunately we don't have any real information on Alexander Allan who was born in Glasgow. He emigrated to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA (around 1906) Unknown if he was married or not at the time he emigrated from Scotland to the USA. Alexander went back to UK with family to serve in WW1 around 1913. He returned after the war to Patchogue, Long Island, NY with family. There was a James Allan who emigrated to Vermont USA who may have been Alexander's brother or cousin...Thank you for any information that you may have...Bob Allan, Farmingville, NY USA

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Re: Albert C Seifert Philadelphia
« Reply #22 on: Wednesday 19 February 20 16:29 GMT (UK) »
Hi Fred,

That post is from Bob Allan who I got in contact with all those years ago.  He is the grandson of Alexander Allan.  His grandfather and my grandfather, Robert Allan, were brothers.
If you could get digital pictures of the crash that would be fab.

I don't know where Alexander and Agnes got married, Bob Allan, did try, but they are in their late 70s and sadly not great genealogists.

Thanks Fred.  If it make it easier you could send the pictures by email - [email protected]