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LONDON - moments & memories
« on: Tuesday 14 November 06 07:48 GMT (UK) »
For those with UK roots, it is reasonable to expect that a few or more
ancestors lived in parts of London at one time.

Concerning family history, how many have a few or more London moments or memories.

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The ancestors lived here and there, in many scattered
places, with various occupations

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Re: LONDON - moments & memories
« Reply #1 on: Wednesday 22 November 06 14:45 GMT (UK) »
My husband's grandparents spent a couple years in London in the same neighborhood as Jack the Ripper at the same time. I wonder what life for them was like. They came from Russia and then went to America after a couple years, so for all to be new and strange to them, and then to have to contend with that must have been pretty scary. I guess it's lucky it wasn't another branch of my mom's family though. Rumor is she owned a brothel in the Ukraine ...

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