Author Topic: RootsChat Awards ?  (Read 1898 times)

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RootsChat Awards ?
« on: Saturday 13 November 04 23:29 GMT (UK) »
RootsChat is coming up to its first birthday soon.

(If I remember correctly it went 'live' in January 2004)

Perhaps we could celebrate this by giving 'virtual' awards to some deserving RootsChatters ? Possibly make it an annual 'virtual' event ?

Categories could include:

Most Posts Award for the person with the most posts each year.
Top Moderator Award for the best moderator.
Bending over Backwards Award for the most helpful RootsChatter.
Most Verbose Award for the longest message.
Best Avatar Award for the best Icon/Personal Crest alongside username.
and others

And of course, we would all like to thank Trystan & Sarah for the initiative, time and effort they put into creating and running this excellent forum.

Post suggestions for each category (or even add your own categories) here...

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Re: RootsChat Awards ?
« Reply #1 on: Sunday 14 November 04 09:13 GMT (UK) »
There are a lot of very nice and helpful people on this site the majority of whom I suspect have to varying degrees all giving their help and advice to others.
Even the smallest piece of information can and has in my case lead to greater things
Since joining rootschat I have received a lot of support not only through the message boards but by private email which if I figure this correctly dosn't count in the star system as these are not recorded.
In my own personal view the giving of awards to individuals tends to spoil the spontinatity
However having said that I would like to make a nomination
                                    :D I would like to nominate EVERYBODY  :D
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Re: RootsChat Awards ?
« Reply #2 on: Sunday 14 November 04 17:10 GMT (UK) »
A site i used to visit (not a family history one) used to have a similar thing. They also gave awards for  things like Best signature etc.

I think the only problem with thi idea is that some people may end up feeling excluded and neglected. Who would make the decisions? would we have polls on them? It is an interesting idea but would need a lot of thought to work properly.

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Re: RootsChat Awards ?
« Reply #3 on: Sunday 14 November 04 17:13 GMT (UK) »
It's a lovely idea but I couldn't possibly just vote for a few people - everybody deserves an award!

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