Author Topic: WW2 Australian War Brides to USA  (Read 1029 times)

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WW2 Australian War Brides to USA
« on: Saturday 02 December 06 09:42 GMT (UK) »
I have 4 (possibly 5) women from different branches of my family who married American servicemen. I took advantage of the recent free access to the US immigration records, and managed to find 3. A search for the 4th didn't come up with her immigration details, but showed that her mother visited her in Fairfield California on a 6 month visa in 1947.
The 5th one is a hunch - her mother is listed on the 1969 Electoral roll as having moved to USA, but obviously returned at some point because she (the mother) is burried in Australia. This woman was born in 1925. Marriage indexes for this state are only available up to 1939, so I don't know if she married here or her husband's name. I have her date of birth and maiden name.
Any suggestions on how to find out more?

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