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What does this mean?
« on: Monday 04 December 06 14:11 GMT (UK) »
I've noticed on a few census entries the letters M S and F S under the heading occupation.

The second letter S could also possibly be small case L.

It seems to be related to people who are in a household who do not have the same name as the head, such as step children, relatives, and others not related, usually teenage, or children.

I gather M is for male? And F for female?

Please does anybody know what these letters/acronyms represent?

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Re: What does this mean?
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Welcome to rootschat hope you are enjoying the experience.
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Re: What does this mean?
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Thanks Trees,

A very rapid response! Great stuff! That's really useful to know. Crops up a lot.

All the best. :)

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Re: What does this mean?
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coffeecup -

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Good luck in your research.

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