Author Topic: Tailors - How did they live and work?  (Read 28047 times)

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Re: Tailors - How did they live and work?
« Reply #72 on: Friday 26 January 07 06:58 GMT (UK) »
You're right, these are not distinctively Jewish forenames.  That means that either they were assimilated, or trying to assimilate, OR that they were not Jewish at all.  Big help!  I have the same problem with some of mine!  I hope you find some more clues in your travels...
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MEYER - Lauenstein
MURRAY - Scot borders
STEWART - Chelsea; Reach
SWANICK - Mayo & Roscommon; Ontario
WEST - Rochester & Maidstone
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WOODHOUSE - Bristol tobacconist, London
WW1 internees

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Re: Tailors - How did they live and work?
« Reply #73 on: Saturday 27 January 07 00:35 GMT (UK) »
Eilleen - thanks for the extract - very interesting.

yn9man - Guess you've found this out already but just in case, I've had a look for the article. The archive on the Lincolnshire Life web site only goes back a couple of years. I have emailed them to ask if it's possible to buy a copy of the article. Will let you know if they get back to me.


Thanks for your response re the web site. I only took a quick look through the Lincolnshire Life web site and planned on getting back in later tonight.

Will wait to hear from you. Thanks again for starting this thread.

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Re: Tailors - How did they live and work?
« Reply #74 on: Sunday 04 February 07 16:50 GMT (UK) »
Program on telly Tues 6th Feb , " you don't know your born " about tailors.   Eilleen.
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Re: Tailors - How did they live and work?
« Reply #75 on: Sunday 04 February 07 19:31 GMT (UK) »
Thanks Eilleen.
I missed the first of the 3 programmes in this series and have the 2nd recorded. Will watch with interest on Tues.

No news yet from Lincolnshire Life.


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