Author Topic: Canadian Expeditionary Force  (Read 3065 times)

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Re: Canadian Expeditionary Force
« Reply #1 on: Sunday 21 November 04 22:28 GMT (UK) »
This is an absolutely fantastic site.

I knew that my great uncle Bertram Thorpe emigrated to Canada after 1901 but nothing else. This site found him immediately and free of charge produced copies of his induction with his signature and details of his vital statistics. Fantastic to get all this 90 year old information free (if I want to I can pay to get copies of his entire war record).

But that's not all.  I did a blanket search on the name Thorpe and found three more more distant members of my Thorpe dynasty from East Sussex.

But that's not all.  There is a virtual memorial link for WWI and WWII.  Again I did a blanket search and found three more distant relations.  One of these was from WWII and was the son of one of the 'finds' from WWI.

If you have relations in Canada during the last one hundred years this site is a must.

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Re: Canadian Expeditionary Force
« Reply #2 on: Tuesday 23 November 04 20:41 GMT (UK) »
I have to concur with Roger.

I've been looking for any evidence of my Gt Uncle who emigrated to Canada without success.

Like Roger I found his Draft Record with his signature, his statistics as well as some interesting information on the whereabouts of his mother, provided on the form.

The last absolute evidence was when they were living in Glasgow in 1901. When my Gt Uncle was recruited in 1917his mother is living in London as I suspected but couldn't prove.

Other information gained without any cost, his birthdate, my fathers birth address, and that at 33 he still wasn't married.

I do know he survived the war, made a lot of money in hotels, but lost it all in the 1929 crash. Worked his way back to the UK, and worked for Handley Page before returning to Canada, when once again I loose him.

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Re: Canadian Expeditionary Force
« Reply #3 on: Thursday 30 December 04 14:13 GMT (UK) »
Fantastic site. I also downloaded the attestation papers for an uncle and a great uncle.  Managed to obtain a copy of the 1964 death certificate of the uncle, which contained a great deal of information. Discovered his death was registered by his wife. Nothing unusual there...except that the rest of the family didn't know he ws married!! ;D
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