Author Topic: Access to local newspapers please for a death at sea  (Read 5615 times)

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Re: Access to local newspapers please for a death at sea
« Reply #9 on: Tuesday 20 February 07 23:07 GMT (UK) »
I can understand that seeing the word deserted is not pleasant but maybe you can give Daniel the benefit of the doubt.

My granny, at age 9 with her younger siblings, was left at the workhouse and recorded as deserted by their father. He was actually very sick at he time (wicked step-mum did the desserting) and he died not long after.

Daniel being in the merchant marine might have had difficulty getting a ship home. ( There is a tale about one Pentland pilot out of Stroma getting carried away to America still in his slippers)

Perhaps he died at sea and the news did not reach home until the 1880's. If Cecilia was herself ill she would need assistance and might be required to say she had been deserted.

Good hunting in Wick and ask for the book I mentioned- cannot think of the name of it at moment but i believe it to be a rare survival.

The reason I made a note was because of the Smith name but Daniel is not one of ours. Also I had not long visited Mary Ann's cottage at Dunnet and she had been married to a James Calder any relation?

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Re: Access to local newspapers please for a death at sea
« Reply #10 on: Wednesday 21 February 07 17:55 GMT (UK) »
Wred, thanks again.  Family tales say that Daniel was 'lost' at sea on his way to or from America.  I cannot find his death on the marine registers - but I had a thought with what you said in your post.  It may be that he couldn't get a ship home for some reason and she thought she was deserted.  I thought that if I could find which ship he was master of I may be able to see if he went out to America and didn't come back?  Do you know if the Wick Archives have a log of the ships sailing out of Thurso?  I suppose I could email the archives to find out and look at them when I am in Wick in July.  Once again many thanks.
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