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number of messages
« on: Sunday 25 February 07 12:25 GMT (UK) »
A long time ago I stumbled on a thread where some people were saying they could get lots of personal messages, and keep them in their trays, and others could only keep a few...  (*)

I had hit that problem. I had well over a hundred and thought I would have a clear out to save space. I deleted down to one page, and suddenly 9 was the limit and if I wanted to have another one there I had to delete one on the list to do so.
No one seemed to know what had happened, but an idea evolved that the ones who had pages of messages had new messages at the top, the ones who were restricted had new messages at the bottom of the list.
I had a look at mine, and found the new messages were at the bottom. So I went to my profile and changed it.
Hey presto. You were right...why am I not surprised.
New messages at the top
At present I have 29 messages in my in tray. Most of it is chat and will go, but it's nice to know that if some of the serious stuff comes through I won't have to delete it to get the next message.
Cheers, guys and gals 8)

(*) Moderator Comment:
Topic: What's the matter with my incoming PMs??,215043.0.html
Bartlett/Henley on Thames
Caponhurst/Buckinghamshire and?
Denchfield/North Marston/Bucks
Mathias/Pembroke/Pembroke Dock
John/Pembroke/Pembroke Dock
Purchas/Bucks and?

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