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« Reply #27 on: Wednesday 23 November 05 16:29 GMT (UK) »
Hi Rosemary,

Firstly, I must apologise - did I never get round to sending you all the photos of Hoggan graves in Denny & surrounding districts?

I thought I had - knuckles rapped for me!

I'll rake them out and send them to your hotmail address.


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« Reply #28 on: Thursday 24 November 05 15:46 GMT (UK) »
Many thanks, Anne; you are wonderful.  I'm hoping to make a trip to Scotland in the summer of 2007 and see them in person, too!  I thought of you as I was crawling and photographing headstones on Vancouver Island a few weeks ago.  Also thinking how silly I was not to have been doing that in summer than a November's day. :)   

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« Reply #29 on: Wednesday 21 December 05 21:13 GMT (UK) »
I have a copy of my family tree from Captain James Hoggan, 5th Dragoon guards (no date, unfortunately, but sometime before 1740 when his son, Major George Hoggan was born.)  There isn't a tree for his brother James - I don't know if there isn't one, or if it wasn't our side of the family, so the person doing the tree didn't care.
Waterside was purchased in 1782.
There were 12 children of George Hogan. The ones who had had children, were:
James 1783-1834, Sophia (Smith)1785, Major General John (my however many greats) 1789,  Lt. Col Willian Hoggan, 1798 - 1860 and Helen (Vetch)1800-1857

The family tree doesn't show all of the generations of any one but my direct ancestors, up to my grandmothers generation, but some of the names that the girls married into are:
Ewarts. Streets. Bradshaws, Morrisons, Saxbys, and Davies.

If anyone would like more details, please let me know.


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« Reply #30 on: Thursday 22 December 05 06:17 GMT (UK) »
Hi, Susan,
I have your family in my program as I seem to be following all the Hoggans in an attempt to hook some up.  I've been in contact with Ron Hoggan in Canada, perhaps you know him, and a wonderful woman in Australia who shared a huge tree with me, and I've misplaced her name. :(  I didn't know George, 1741, had a brother James!  I have the 12 children for George Hoggan and Margaret Jardine.
There offspring were:   (Please correct any errors.)
1)  Sophia HOGGAN married  Alexander SMITH and they had these children:  Janet, George, Jane Marie Sophia, James, Alexander, John, Sophia
2)  George HOGGAN -- died in infancy
3)  James HOGGAN married Mary Veitch McMURDO.  Children:  Barbara Douglas, George McMurdo, John McMurdo, Margaret, James, Amedlia Arentina Stewart, Jane Crawford?  Mary?
4)  Charles HOGGAN -- died in infancy
5)  John HOGGAN married Francis WELLAND.  Children:  William, George Welland Henry.  I have nothing more here.
6)  Margaret HOGGAN married William GILLESPIE
7)  Charlotte HOGGAN married Willaim GILLESPIE (is this correct?)
8)  Edward HOGGAN married Elizabeth CRAIGIE.  Child:  Mary
9)  Mary HOGGAN -- unmarried
10) Hellin HOGGAN married George VEITCH.  Child:  Francis H.
11)  Hendry HOGGAN  (Hendry is how it appear OPR..maybe Henry?)

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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« Reply #31 on: Thursday 22 December 05 18:21 GMT (UK) »
Hi Rosemary, 
I was going through what you had, and I got confused by some of the slight differences,  so I'll tell you what I have.
Maj. Gen George Hoggan (1740-1809) m. Margaret Jardine (d.1825) Their children:
George (1782-1784)
James (1783-1834) m. Mary McMurdo
---- their children: (4 sons, no names),
----George m. Phyllis McMurdo (a cousin)
     ----Charles James  m. Helen Robertson (a cousin)
          -----Charles Edward 1884?-1962 m. Eleanor Marie Thorburn Davies (a cousin)
----Jane m. Thomas Mackie
----Barbara m. Col. McMurdo
----Amy m. J. Heywood

That's it for James' children and grandchilren, the details stop there.  Back to Maj. Geprge Hoggan's children:

Sophia (1785) m. Alexander Smith
---Jessie (no spouse listed - m. 1888)
    ---- Charles James
    ---- Sophia Jessie
    ----  Susan Sophie
    ----  Alexander m. Emily Wainwright
          ---- Thomas Alexander Noel
          ----  Archibald
           ---- Matilda Jessie Violetta

Charles 1787

Maj. Gen John Hoggan (1789-1861) m. Ferances Welland Kennaway (1st wife)
--- Susan Margaret m. Col Ewart
      ---Charles Henry m. Rebecca Barber
          ---- John, Robert, Annette
--- Elizabeth Lucy m. Alfred Wallace Street
     --- Alfred, Arthur J. Lucy Elizabeth, Emily (m. John     
Waddon Martin,) Alfred Cowland
---  Rev Charles Adam Hoggan
2nd wife Jane Long
---Maj Gen John William Hoggan m (1st wife) Katharine Long (cousin)
    ---- Samuel m. Margaret Ormiston
---(2nd wife) Eleanor Pigson
    --- John Edward (my great grandfather) m. Katharine Possetti. emigrated to Canada) (too many kids here, so I'll leave them out, unless you want them)
    --- Maj. George Peter  m. Mary Freer
    ---Dr. Robert Hoggan m. Jane Hoggan (cousin)
        ----Ethel Mary Eleanor m. Dr. Lewis Inglis Johnston, Robert William M. Eleanor Hoggan (he was her second husband, the first was also a Hoggan)
     ---- William McGregor m. Caroline Moore   
           ---- Elizabeth Ann m. Alistair Goodall, Ann m. Graham Dunsford
     --- Elenanor Catherine Augusta m. Edward Davies
          ---- Eleanor Marie Thorburn. (m. Robert William Hoggan (cousin)) Edward, Kathleen Ward, Isabella Hope, Constance Evelyn

Now back up again to George's children:

Margaret, b. 1740,
Charlotte, b. 1792 m. Rev. William Gillespie
Edward b. 1794 d, 1867
Mary b. 1796 d. 1875
Lt. Col. William Hoggan 1798-1860
--- William 1831-1895 m. Harriet Johnson   
     ----Alfred J. m. Blanche Faville
          ----Denis J. m. Alma Buckley Smith
               ----Claire m. Terry Bannister
                     ----James, Timothy

Helen (1800-1857 m. Hamilton Vetch
---George m. Sarah Lightbody

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« Reply #32 on: Thursday 22 December 05 21:01 GMT (UK) »
Oops, I missed a whole section:

Maj Gen John Hoggan (1784- 1861) m. Jane Long (2nd wife)
I put down Maj Gen William Hoggan, but missed his brothers and sisters so:

Fanny (Frances) m. Dr. Morrison
--Edith m. Clement Poole
--Fanny m. Claude Johnstone
  --Iris Betty

Lieut. George Hoggan m. Isabella Carlyle

Dr. Edward Hoggan  m. Thomasina Robertson (cousin)
--Edward William Frances m. Ella Crawford
   --Elaine Frances Armadale
   --George Edward Armadale Hoggan OBE m. Ethel "Elizabeth" May Little
      ---Margaret Ann Frances (1956) m. Lt Cdr RObert Stephen Saxby R.N.
           --- Benjamin Stephen Edward(1976)
            ---Alexander Colin Robert (1986)

Jane Maria Sophia 1868

Thomas Robert Robertson M.R.C.V.S m. Belle Smith
--Douglas Charles Ivor
* If you find this person or his descendants, I have his father's letters from WW1, so please let him know!)

Jane m. Dr. Robert Hoggan (cousin)
--Ethel Mary Eleanor (1899) m. Dr. Lewis Inglas Johnstone
--Robert William(1901) m. Eleanor Marie Thorburn Hoggan (Davies) (cousin)

Mary Louise m. Dr. Edmund Antrobus
-- Phyllis Mary m. Gordon Topham

Kenneth Charles Gordon
m. Marion Gladys Worthington.

I might have made some typos along the way.

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« Reply #33 on: Thursday 29 December 05 03:57 GMT (UK) »
Dear Susan,
My husband is also a direct descendant of Major George Hoggan of Waterside, Keir DFS. Barry's GGGrandfather, James, was the eldest surviving son of Major George and thereby inherited Waterside and the bulk of the Estate. James married Mary Veitch McMurdo. After inheriting Waterside in 1809, their daughter Margaret died and this branch of the family moved to Canada. Their son George McMurdo Hoggan than took on the running of Waterside. He seemed to disappear after leaving his wife Phillis nee McMurdo and family at home. I cannot find any record of where he died, though it was in the 1860's. I have found where he was in Utah, but can't trace anymore info re that. Barry's GGrandmother was Amelia Arentina McMurdo Hoggan, daughter of James and Amelia. She married Thomas Spearman Heywood after meeting him when he was stationed in Canda near Port Maitland. They lived in England and one of their sons(the youngest) was Arthur Douglas . He came to Australia in the 1880's and Barry is his Grandson.
I have a lot of information re this family and would be very interested in your tree. You mentioned Major George's brother James. He didn't marry. I have a copy of his will where he left the bulk of his Estate to his "beloved brother George". I would like to get in touch with you as I thinl we could possibly help each other.
Barry and I visited Dumfries in April and went to see Waterside and Bellevue, two of the Hoggam properties. Major George also bought a property for your ancestor John (the next son the our James). This property was Stranfasket. I hope we can help each other
PBN (Margaret)

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« Reply #34 on: Thursday 29 December 05 04:11 GMT (UK) »
I noticed in your posting of November 4, that you said that you thought Major Gen.John's 2nd wife was Catherine or Katherine. John William married first a Catherine Long, born in India. They had one son Samuel long Hoggan born in 1861. Catherine unfortunately died at the time. John then married Eleanor Pogson on August 26 in 1863. John William was born in 1833 in India and died in Edinburgh on Nov.21 1900. Eleanor who was born in India in 1846 died at Waterside in on January 26, 1945, in her hundreth year. Her children included George Peter, 1866, William McGregor, Eleanor Catherine Augusta, John Edward Francis (your ancestor I think) and Robert, a Doctor in Scotland. I have been doing a lot of research on the younger members of the family and when they died. The Hoggan descendants are thriving in Australia. Barry's Grandfather also had a brothe Henry Stewart Johns Heywood who came out to Australia. He also has a large group of descendants out here. I think I am possibly the Australian that Rose referred to as sending her a large tree.
Hoping to hear from any Hoggan descendants.
PBN (Margaret)

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« Reply #35 on: Thursday 29 December 05 04:27 GMT (UK) »
Me again. As you didn't have James and Amelia's childrens names here they are.
Jane Crawford Hoggan, married Thomas Mackay
Barbara Douglas b. 1807 d. 1873 in Scotland marr. Alured Charles McMurdo. (they liked marrying cousins)
Gerorge McMurdo b. March 20, 1808. Marr. Phillis McMurdo.
John McMurdo Hoggan b. Oct. 10, 1809 m. Mary Hewan. D. in Canada.
Margaret b. 1817 d. 1832 in Scotland
 James b. 1818, marr. Harriett Cooper in 1847 d. 1854 in Canada. and Amelia Arentina Stewart McMurdo Hoogan b. 1822 in Belfast, Ireland, died June 5, 1899 in Sidcup, Kent Eng. She married Thomas Spearman Heywood. Paymaster in Chief R.N.
Cheers again PBN.