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SCRUTTONS of Falkenham
« on: Thursday 05 April 07 17:23 BST (UK) »
I wonder if anyone else has done any investigations on the Scrutton family of Falkenham, near Ipswich?

It's a branch of my tree I've just started exploring, and I was marvelling at how fruitful it all was until I got stuck by finding too many Jeremiah Scruttons!

My great (x3) grandfather Jeremiah SCRUTTON was born 1794 (7 Apr 1794 according to an unsourced IGI record) in Falkenham.  He married a Harriet GARDNER in Holborn, London on 4 Nov 1838 (I have the marriage cert).  She died Q3 1849 and he died Q3 1875 (death certs applied for).

Jeremiah's father was also Jeremiah SCRUTTON and a combination of IGI entries (again unsourced) and a licence I found on strongly suggests his mother was Sarah RANSOM.
This Jeremiah (and I'm now entirely in the hands of unsourced entries on IGI) was born 1765 in Falkenham (christened 20 Oct 1765) and died 11 Oct 1851.  He married Sarah RANSOM on 14 Jan 1789 in Walton, Suffolk.
Besides Jeremiah the son, they had at least two daughters - the ones I've found are both Sarah SCRUTTON, one born 11 Dec 1792 and one born 15 Dec 1796.  The presumption (of whoever put them on IGI) is that the first one died before 1796.

The person/s who added these to IGI thinks there is a second marriage of Jeremiah SCRUTTON (b. 1765 version) to a Mary Ann - there's one entry in 1801 of a marriage of Jeremiah SCRUTTON to Mary Ann and another in 1819 to a Mary Ann COOK. 

The Jeremiah SCRUTTON born 1765 was the son (again I'm just following unsourced IGI records here) of Jeremiah SCRUTTON and Martha /unknown surname/.  This latter Jeremiah was christened 2 Jan 1737 and married 1. Martha either c. 1757 or c. 1764 and 2. Sarah THWAITES on 23 Oct 1780.

To confuse matters, IGI also has a Jeremiah SCRUTTON, christened 6 Feb 1736, with parents John and Ann Scrutton.  I don't know about the first half of the 18th century, but looking at the map, Falkenham is not a big place, so it would perhaps be unlikely to have many unrelated Scrutton families living there.  So I wonder if John is the 1737 Jeremiah's uncle.

IGI also has a Jeremiah SCRUTTON, born 1691 in nearby Walton, and married to a Mary there c. 1710.  It's hard to escape wondering if he's the father or more likely grandfather of the 1737 Jeremiah.

I think I need a trip to Ipswich at some point to look through parish registers!

Does anybody know if the church at Falkenham (St Ethelbert's I believe) has a graveyard that might be useful?

(By the way, by an unsourced IGI record, I mean the ones described as "Record submitted after 1991 by a member of the LDS Church. No additional information is available")

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Re: Scruttons of Falkenham
« Reply #1 on: Thursday 05 April 07 23:26 BST (UK) »
Welcome to Rootschat

There are several Scrutton researchers listed on

I met one of them, a lovely Australian researcher Jean a few years ago when she was visiting the UK.

Falkenham St Ethelbert PRs are available at all three branches of the SRO from 1538-1900 on just 9 fiche - so yes, a very small parish.

Falkenham church is one that Simon has recently updated the entry for on his web site - you can see part of the churchyard in one or two of the photographs.

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