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Hi Matt, my name is Jordan Gadd and I think we're distant relatives! I know this original post is quite old but I just felt obliged to reply anyway so here goes. My dad's name is Michael Gadd and my grandad was Francis Gadd. Francis Gadd was born in 1928, his dad was Frank Gadd (my great granddad) who was born in 1905. Frank Gadd was Robert Gadd's brother, I believe Frank was the youngest sibling. Robert Gadd's full DOB was 14/12/1894, he married Emily Cutler in 1922. Emily Cutler was born: 11/08/1901. Our great granddad's were siblings! Perhaps we could help each other learn more about our ancestors? I hope you see this and reply! All the best, Jordan.

Hi Jordan,

Nice to hear from you. Yes, it seems we are third cousins through Robert and Frank Gadd!

I donít really use Rootschat much these days, but I think if you make a couple more posts on the forums you gain the ability to private message and I can pass on my email address.

Speak soon
Matt  :)
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