Author Topic: Give me access to your tree!!  (Read 9755 times)

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Re: Give me access to your tree!!
« Reply #36 on: Wednesday 09 May 07 20:29 BST (UK) »
I have discontinued my subscripiton to GR because in the year I belonged I only found one possible connection and the lists and lists of 'hot matches' really got on my nerves!

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Re: Give me access to your tree!!
« Reply #37 on: Wednesday 09 May 07 21:38 BST (UK) »
I must have just been really lucky, because there are a lot of people who don't seem to like GR, but it has been one of the best resources I've had in terms of helping me with various lines of my tree.
Via Genes I have been able to contact a distant cousin on my dad's side who has generously filled me in on most of my Dad's Mum's family, including giving me info from certificates and a photo of my Grandma's first wedding, and I saw a pic of G-Grandparents and 2xGreat-Grandparents for the first time  :D
I have also just got in contact with a third cousin on my Mum's side who knew nothing of her Irish roots, or the relatives to whom we are both related. I am taking great pleasure in filling her and her Uncle in on my findings.  ;D
All in all, I think it depends what GR can do for you. What I like the most about genes is that I can share my research with anyone with a genuine interest, and as yet, I haven't been approached by 'name collectors'. I can understand why people can get annoyed with it, but I think it's definitely worth giving a try as it's inexpensive and so many people use it.
Erin  :)

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Re: Give me access to your tree!!
« Reply #38 on: Wednesday 09 May 07 22:57 BST (UK) »
I have found if you delete the children except 1, you can delete the parents
I found the exact opposite...even with all but on of the children deleted (to delete that remaining one, I'd have to delete the rest of the tree from me up first), it still doesn't let me. ???

I might be a bit guilty of that as I do sometimes contact people right on the far edges of my tree
I must admit, I do that too.  But a lot of cases I've seen the research has gone to the far edges of their tree, researched back 10-generations, then researched back down another branch I'm connected too.  Really, I don't seem an awful lot of point in doing that and searching for more people to force into a massive tree of colossal proportions. ???
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Re: Give me access to your tree!!
« Reply #39 on: Wednesday 09 May 07 23:54 BST (UK) »
When I hit, yet another brickwall, the far outside of my tree is a great place for detective work. Out there you'll find marriage witnesses... step siblings.... places the family moved too.
        Just occasionally the bit that fits the jigsaw.
If only people would give access to their trees, I could delete so many possibles.
 I now have 6 birth certificates for Robert Norris, 2 death cert's and still can't find him.

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Re: Give me access to your tree!!
« Reply #40 on: Thursday 10 May 07 00:17 BST (UK) »
Lesanne - that's why I haven't found my g.grandad. I would be bankrupt buying all the possible birth certificates in his name.  I have at least got his death certificate, but it is his early life I am interested in, I know about his later life - well from 1884 onwards, when he would have been mid 20s.  I've been a little bit sideways in my tree, but unfortunately, the ancestors I found, related to my g.gran didn't have any information about g.grandad.  Oh and there's no marriage certificate, so can't get a father's name either.


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Re: Give me access to your tree!!
« Reply #41 on: Tuesday 15 May 07 10:08 BST (UK) »
I've had mixed results from GR. Having found my maternal grandfather after seven years of searching I input his details, got "hot matches" and, after correspondence and opening my tree (possibly a mistake!), a large chunk of my tree is now added to theirs. We're related but it's distant, we share a common great grandfather  ???
However, very much on the plus side, I posted a query, totally forgot about it, and months later got a message from a lady whose sister had some details for me - an email address was given. The result was a very high brickwall was knocked down - verification is still needed but I now know where to look and have dates to work on  ;D


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Re: Give me access to your tree!!
« Reply #42 on: Tuesday 15 May 07 11:37 BST (UK) »
Hi Tim

I may be missreading - but I love extending my tree sideways & sharing a common great grandfather with someone means they are your second cousin - I know lots of my second cousins (children of my mother's cousins) and I think they are close relatives  ??? I got overexcited about meeting a 5th cousin - which is beginning to get rather long way distant  :(

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Re: Give me access to your tree!!
« Reply #43 on: Tuesday 15 May 07 11:57 BST (UK) »
I agree with Trish.

Whenever I make a new connection I always try to fill out my tree along that level - with siblings and their children - spouses and their siblings and parents.

I think it all adds colour to my tree and helps me place my direct ancestors in context, particularly if they are from an area that is new to me.

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Re: Give me access to your tree!!
« Reply #44 on: Tuesday 15 May 07 12:13 BST (UK) »
I too agree with Trish.

Both myself and my fourth cousin, once removed, who I met via GR and have met up for a cup of coffee are both working at sorting out which other 'branches & twigs' belong to us.  We are regularly in contact and it is exciting when we can exchange further info. 

I have also had a lot of 'give me access to your tree' requests.  I politely reply stating that I do not give access to my tree but am happy to swap info regarding our connection.  This seems to be working.   ;D
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