Author Topic: Tinker = Romany??  (Read 59495 times)

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Re: Tinker = Romany??
« Reply #27 on: Sunday 15 February 09 08:57 GMT (UK) »
I am olive skinned and most of my brother's and sisters are not quite as olive but they are there any source of information on the theory of orgins, a book or study? ----I was often told I look spanish and when I did visit spain local people would start talking to me in spanish as they thought I was a local.

I have though about having a dna test where they can atribute the area your ancestors  probably came from but wouldn't know how to go about it.

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Re: Tinker = Romany??
« Reply #28 on: Sunday 15 February 09 09:55 GMT (UK) »
Funny that you say that as i have just started looking into it myself. try this link for more info. its a DNA  study for rom's

boswell (shadrack line)
smith (inc epping forest)

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Re: Tinker = Romany??
« Reply #29 on: Tuesday 28 April 09 00:41 BST (UK) »
Gypsies are believed to have originated in India and to have gradually migrated to the near east and Western Europe, reaching Scotland in the early 16th century. They generally travelled in family groups and were associated with professions such as hawking, pedling, acting , as tinkers and street performers and most common of all  as fortune tellers.
By the 18th century london and its environs hosted a reasonably large Gypsy population during the winter months. The area around Seven Deals in St Giles in the Fields is believed to have had a regular winter community, but the largest identified group is associated with Norwood in Surrey.

I have seen refernence to what could be called gypsies, refered to as swarthy horsemen from the 16th century, it is believed that they travelled this way following armies and suppliying them with horses and theire women supplied food. earlier references refer to the wandering irish, i think this is from the12th century, there are some areas of spain that can roma can speek cant as well as romanes. i will try to find where i got my referance from and post.
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Re: Tinker = Romany??
« Reply #30 on: Tuesday 05 May 09 23:34 BST (UK) »
Hi Honey,
You are so lucky to have such wonderful photo's of your family.
My Grandma JANE YOUNG, was a "Romany" not a "Tinker" as my Mum would insist, (definitely a class thing) ;)

She too had blue/black hair which reached to her waist until the year before her death, when it was believed it took her strength and was cut short, much to my Grandad's sorrow.  For years my Aunt kept the hair and swore she could smell her Mother from it, unfortunately she only had son's and I believe it was lost when she died.

It's true that the families intermarried and the same names come up time after time, mine are all from the north of England and Scotland.

Incidentally my Grandma Jane married out and had to run away from home to do it, her brothers made my Grandad (John Parkinson) life hell for a while but they came round eventually.

Oh the tales out there, forever fascinating.
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Re: Tinker = Romany??
« Reply #31 on: Wednesday 06 May 09 20:25 BST (UK) »
Is there anywhere we can post our photos of gypsy ancestors?
Casaubon (Geneva, London), Daulinge, Berners, McMullen (Nottingham), Tabb (Leics), Mycock (Derbys & Staffs), Gilbert (Notts), Price (s Wales), Krilovs/similar, gypsy Roberts, gypsy Clark, Bexell (Sussex), gypsy Elliott, Raven, Neligan (Co Kerry), Rymer, Newton (Hull).

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Re: Tinker = Romany??
« Reply #32 on: Wednesday 06 May 09 20:29 BST (UK) »
Photo topics are usually on the TOTB.
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Re: Tinker = Romany??
« Reply #33 on: Thursday 22 April 10 00:18 BST (UK) »
Hi Cindy :o)

I was so excited to see your message hoping maybe you help me with some information. I have been trying to find out about my mothers family who were also Harris' living in the early 1900s in lower gornal, Dudley (my great grandmothers name was Tamar Harris).  They were of romany descent and looked very much how you described your Harris family as being shorter with black hair, brown eyes very handsome especially the men.  Where about in the midlands were your Harris family living.  My Harris' were supposed to be as I have been told 'wellknown' or 'famous' but i am still trying to find out what for.  Is it possible to see your Harris family photos to see if there are any resemblances? I look forward to your reply!!! Cheers, Catherine, NEW ZEALAND.

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Re: Tinker = Romany??
« Reply #34 on: Thursday 22 April 10 10:40 BST (UK) »
Hi Catherine,

I've sent you a pm about the Harris's.  Will need to exchange some more info. 


LANCASHIRE: Briscoe, Taylor, Hamilton, Cutts, Mousdell, Dixon, Fairclough, Dingle, Pennington, Ingham, Martin, Pinnington, Haselden, Molyneux

SCOTLAND: Hunt, Murray, Docherty, Malley, Cameron, Colman, Middleton, Mason, Drummond, Gourdale, Fraser

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Re: Wednesfield Heath 1861 census Travelling Braziers
« Reply #35 on: Wednesday 06 July 16 13:25 BST (UK) »
The transcript for Wednesfield heath travellers families might be of interest to someone.