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Re: Where do I start?
« Reply #9 on: Saturday 27 October 07 01:34 BST (UK) »
Hello  there
Asearch  of the  Vic index  for the Mitchell boys  didn't  turn  up  anything as  yet

however found  these  two deaths  that  you might allready  have?

Edward MURLEY died 1913 aged 87 at Timor reg no 7423
father Edward Murley mother Constance Mitchell

Thos MURLEY      died 1915 aged 77 at Timor reg no 3294
father Edward Murley  mother Constance Mitchell

kind regards JEnn
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Re: Where do I start?
« Reply #10 on: Saturday 27 October 07 02:59 BST (UK) »
Here is some more information about MURLEY events around Timor.

These records support the theory that Constance came [with or without husband Edward] and some of her offspring who appear to have settled in the Timor area.
 Having both  a son and a husband named Edward MURLEY may be confusing the facts a bit for research purposes especially remembering that the contributed information is not always correct and thorough.

There is a Marley birth recorded on this person's tree as recently as 1920.

No Mitchells visible yet.

Perhaps her brothers went to US.


PS Forgot to say, if it was me ;D I would be contacting this guy at the Timor Cemetery
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Re: Where do I start?
« Reply #11 on: Saturday 27 October 07 05:44 BST (UK) »
A likely death for Edward snr is:
MURLEY Edward, death, age 61, Sep quarter 1867, Redruth Cornwall, Volume 5c, Page 174.
Edward possibly came to Australia and later returned to England
  - Unassisted passenger list, 'Birmingham', arrived Jan 1854 in Vic includes:
MURLEY Edwd 47
MURLEY John 19

There's also a Thomas MURLEY, 18 on the 'Red Jacket', Aug 1856 and a William MURLEY, 21 on the 'Zenobia', Sep 1869.

Edward's passenger age fits with the 1867 death; and both with the following IGI record:
MURLEY Edward bap 17 May 1807, Gwinear Cornwall, parents John MURLEY & Jane BRAY.

So it tends to look as though Constance MURLEY and daughter Jane came to Australia in 1870 after the death of husband/father Edward (snr) to join children/siblings who were already here.  But, sadly (see earlier), Constance died in 1871 and Jane died in 1872.

Good idea about the Timor Cemetery lookups.

Pity about the MITCHELL brothers ...


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Re: Where do I start?
« Reply #12 on: Saturday 27 October 07 10:38 BST (UK) »

Thanks to all that have given me more info & links to check out...

I will get intouch with all those people I can..

I have been doing a bit of checking myself  came across someones tree with Edward Murley on, they too say he went to Australia with one of his sons, but never mentioned of him returning...

Thanks Again to ALL of you...

I must admit I do tell loads about this site when they are requesting help on other sites .....

I find people on here seem to go the extra mile, so to speak in trying to help


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Re: Where do I start?
« Reply #13 on: Saturday 27 October 07 11:18 BST (UK) »
there is also this listing of MURLEY graves at Timor

the contact is Robert Beard, the pages are slow to download.

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Re: Where do I start?
« Reply #14 on: Friday 27 February 09 00:48 GMT (UK) »
Hello Cissy, I know this is an old posting of yours, but I feel compelled to respond. I am reading a book about old ship wrecks and there is a chapter devoted to the "Cospatrick."   :o  The Cospatrick sailed September 11, 1874 from Gravesend, The Thames, England bound for Auckland, New Zealand. On board were 429 immigrants, chiefly agricultural laborers from the Midlands and Eastern counties.  There are some very good accounts of the disastrous journey and the government hearings with the three survivors (all crew members) on the internet at have not yet determined the exact names of any passengers, but it appears that the government of New Zealand may have such a listing. It would be sad, indeed if your ancestors were on board the Cospatrick, but that would account for their disappearance.  I hope this helps.  Pat
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