Author Topic: Double Christening.  (Read 1227 times)

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Double Christening.
« on: Wednesday 29 December 04 20:13 GMT (UK) »
Hi All

Is it unusual for a christening to have taken place twice?
In 1850 I have a  child baptised 6/11/1850 and again 22/12/1850. Same name..same parents.  (Perhaps mum fancied the vicar.)

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Re: Double Christening.
« Reply #1 on: Wednesday 29 December 04 20:50 GMT (UK) »
Was the first baptism a private one? 

Sometimes it will say private or "p" in the baptism register. 

A private baptism would often take place if the child was not expected to survive and then a later baptism in the actual church.

Note though that "p" can also mean pauper.

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Re: Double Christening.
« Reply #2 on: Thursday 30 December 04 00:24 GMT (UK) »
I have a double christening.  The parents changed religions or maybe were from two different religions.  Odd but can happen.
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Re: Double Christening.
« Reply #3 on: Friday 31 December 04 17:02 GMT (UK) »
My father, who was the son of a priest, pointed out that the only reasons, he knows, a second baptism/christening can occur are the following:
1. The vicar is de-frocked!!!
2. Pauper's baptism then the real thing
3. Change of denomination!!!!
Say catholic to methodist or protestant....
Normally you can only be baptised once in that denomination!!

I too have a double christening, but at different churches, St Botolph without Aldgate 11/4/1827 and St Olave, Hart Street 4/3/1833, both given with the same name, parents and birth date!

My entire family clan had moved from one church to the other (change of denomination?) and re-baptise a child already covered. I know that it must be the same child as she maintains her correct age all through her life and a sibling, who is baptised at the same time, is staying with her in a much later census in 1871!  :o does happen!!!  :o

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