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lost death record
« on: Saturday 01 January 05 10:52 GMT (UK) »
Does anyone have any ideas?
 I can't find great x4 grand father's death certificate William Shearer tenant of forss, husband of janet milne died 3 April 1844.
Its not in Scotlandspeople or anywhere else on line that I can find.
It must be somewhere because I have the date.(This was found by a pro researcher in the 1970's and most of the rest of the information is correct. )

 Any ideas. Could it be at Kew??
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researching the Pomeroy Family of Collaton in Newton Ferrers and St Columb in Cornwall

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Re: lost death record
« Reply #1 on: Saturday 01 January 05 11:41 GMT (UK) »
It depends a lot on his residence at the time of death .... if he was living in england by then and died there it is probable that the records are held there.

Do you have any idea of an address at the time of death ?

Other options include death outside the UK or possibly name changes or errors made at the time of the reported death.

If resident in Scotland at the time of his death the other options could include
1) a mistake made by the original researcher
2) The death may not have been reported or recorded properly.

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Re: lost death record
« Reply #2 on: Sunday 02 January 05 12:04 GMT (UK) »
The date may have come from a grave as there was no registration of eath in Scotland until 1855.  What parish did he die in - there may be transcribed memorial inscriptions somewhere or the OPR may list the buried.

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