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Important Advice on Posting from RootsChat
« on: Friday 07 January 05 22:09 GMT (UK) »
How to get the best from your post here on RootsChat

As you can see we have divided the site into different Counties, Countries with some extra boards including the Common Room, One Name Studies and Events etc.

This is a simple framework to help you find the right place to put your post to find the best chance of a reply. You may find that your research "straddles" County or Country boarder, if this is so, pick one and see what happens................! If you do not get a reply after a couple of weeks we can quite easily "move" your post to the other County or Country to see what response you get.  There is no need to duplicate this information , as the Moderators can move the post to whichever board the poster requires.

Tips to get the best chance of a reply!

It is fact that people do not read every post but they search for areas that they have some knowledge on. Therefore the Title of the post is the most important part of your post and you should think long and hard as this may be the line that appears on a "goggle search"

In your post, please be sure to tell us what you already know and most important please tell us what information your are trying to find out.

Posting under the Counties gives you more options on the type of reply you may receive. You may receive a photograph, a scan of a document, local history knowledge or just some good genealogical advice.

Have some advice to Share

If you travel to a library, take photographs, speak French have access to old records you are certainly able to help others. We have a section called Look up Offered, here you can post your offered help and then we “lock” the subject with a padlock. People if interested would then reply in Look up requested which makes it easier to reply to each one in order in case you prove very popular.

How to request a Census Look up.

There are many new requests each day and posting a clear outline of your requirements will make it easier for our wonderful volunteers to help them to help you.

If you could each please start a "New Topic" with subject line very clearly stating the RESOURCE and the SURNAME of the person(s) you are seeking as follows:

1871 Census Jones of Manchester     or     St Mary’s Parish Registers - PARR

Then in the body of the message enter the details of your request. A person willing to carry out a lookup for you will then simply reply to your message.

Most important bit left until last !

We have some excellent RootsChat members with some very special talents who try there best to help everyone who posts a message on the site. I know of quite a few (you know who you are) who have gone out of their way and spent there own “brass” (money) in some cases just to bring a smile to RootsChatters face here and there.

A few of us who reply are often left thinking what happened next, did I help ???

Please let us know !

Regardless of whether or not the information helped,
a "Thank You for your time and efforts" always goes down well  :) :)

N.B. a "Thank you" sent in a PM is also nice, but it is a "Personal Message",
i.e nobody else knows that you have said "Thank you", so please, do reply on the topic.
(but you can still send a PM as well, if you wish; I'm sure it will be appreciated.)

If you have any problems, you can report a post, or let a moderator know before you post on the site.

Best of Luck !

RootsChat :)
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