Author Topic: Penketh, Lancashire - Militia Returns 1761, 1827, 1831  (Read 3751 times)

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Penketh, Lancashire - Militia Returns 1761, 1827, 1831
« on: Thursday 06 March 08 18:19 GMT (UK) »
1761 Militia returns for Penketh (no age limits quoted, range is from 21 - 49)
Information - full name, age, occupation for able men; full name, occupation, disease and age (illegible) for the infirm not able to join the Militia

1827 and 1831 Militia returns for Penketh for all males aged 18 - 45
Information - full name, age, occupation for all.
Plus number of children under 14 if applicable, whether exempt, and reason for exemption.
All males with children under 14 appear to be exempt (reason - Poor), there are a few other reasons for exemption.
2 further columns (but no information in either of them) - headings difficult to read but include Yeoman and Medical Practitioners actually practising.

Information taken from photocopies of original documents, which I believe are in Warrington library.
I may be able to check the originals at some stage, some entries are difficult to read because of poor copying.


STEER, mainly Surrey, Kent; PINNOCKS/HAINES, Gosport, Hants; BARKER, mainly Broadwater, Sussex; Gosport, Hampshire; LAVERSUCH, Micheldever, Hampshire; WESTALL, London, Reading, Berks; HYDE, Croydon, Surrey; BRIGDEN, Hadlow, Kent and London; TUTHILL/STEPHENS, London
WILKINSON, Leeds, Yorkshire and Liverpool; WILLIAMSON, Liverpool; BEARE, Yeovil, Somerset; ALLEN, Kent and London; GORST, Liverpool; HOYLE, mainly Leeds, Yorkshire

Census Information is Crown Copyright, from www.nationalarchives.go