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COMPLETED some advice please
« on: Thursday 13 March 08 06:11 GMT (UK) »
My husband and I will be coming to Belfast early August for  him to compete in the British and World Blind Golf Championships and what I would like advice on is:
1 - would it be better to come earlier and stay after the golf in Belfast and see if there is any information on my gt-gt-grandfather Thomas Roper and his grandparents (Trotters) or:
2 - would it be better to do the above and come to Enniskillen or Irvinestown?
I am in a bind here - I have no birth certificate for Thomas, (shown on his death certificate in Victoria as born in Irvinestown in 1810, but no parents names and they are very elusive!  I have emailed a lady at the Enniskillen Library and she has offered to send me what things she thinks would be of interest to me as they don't have any BMD records and if the records in Proni were lost in the fire there is no help there either.
I have put other information on this site - see Thomas Roper ?? Fermanagh.
The ideal thing would be to go to all places mentioned, but time is of the essence!
Kind regards
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Re: some advice please
« Reply #1 on: Thursday 13 March 08 07:53 GMT (UK) »
It would be a shame not to go to PRONI, especially when you are so close. I believe Belvoir Golf Club in Belfast is the venue for your golf tournament. Belvoir Golf Club is only 3-4 miles from PRONI, and PRONI is the premier place to look for records.
The Year that you are looking for records is past where a lot of people get to in the search for their ancestors, but I would advise you to contact PRONI by telephone  (
Public Record Office of Northern Ireland
66 Balmoral Avenue
Northern Ireland
Email PRONI at proni[at]
Telephone: (+44) 028 9025 5905
Fax: (+44) 028 9025 5999

and tell them where you are coming from and what you are looking for.
Also dont think that people are ignoring your post/s about your Roper ancestors, it's just there has been nothing found by anyone. PRONI i feel is still your first port of call.

Good luck

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Re: some advice please
« Reply #2 on: Thursday 13 March 08 09:33 GMT (UK) »
As OTTo says PRONI is probably the best place to start searching for information but it will be difficult given the fact that your Thomas Roper was born c1810 and civil registration of births only started in 1864. There was no fire at PRONI- some of the records that were in Dublin were destroyed and other records like early census ones were pulped by the government after population statistics were extracted.
If you do decide to go to Fermanagh- and it is lovely- there will probably not be much information held locally for you to find. Thomas Roper might have given his birthplace as Irvinestown but could have even lived somewhere outside the village.
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Re: COMPLETED some advice please
« Reply #3 on: Saturday 09 July 16 15:27 BST (UK) »
Hi Bev,
Been slowly getting through my tree and have discovered that Thomas Roper is my gggg grandfather, though his daughter Agnes, who had 2 (possibly 4) illegitimate children and left to Thomas and Jane Adam to raise, thus the Roper name continued through Thomas Owen Roper. My maiden name is Roper. I would love to confirm that you have information regarding Thomas Roper's parents or grandparents? Is it possible that the Roper line may have originated from Kent?