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Alexander Manson - birth ca mid 1760s
« on: Saturday 05 April 08 05:43 BST (UK) »
According to the IGI, there were 9 Alexander Mansons born in Caithness between 1763 and 1774 (I searched 1768 + or - 5 years).  I have tentatively settled on one christened 2 Mar 1766.

Alexander is my 4th grt grandfather, and he moved to Pitsligo, Aberdeen, and married in 1793.  I'd like to take this back another generation.  I trust that his birth in Caithness is correct because it was deduced  (50+ years ago) by a first cousin who was a well-respected Scottish statistician who worked at the General Register Office in Edinburgh.

Based on the names of Alexander's children, I have concluded that his most likely parents are William Manson and Margaret Duncan of Thurso.  Unfortunately, there seems to be a large gap in the IGI for marriages in the time frame for Alexander's birth.

Any ideas as to where I go from here?

For additional info, here are all the offspring for Alex. that I found in Pitsligo (dates are when christened):

William           16Jun1795
Male              18Apr1796
Jean              14Jul1798
Alex.              8May1800
John              17Apr1802
Margt.            25Apr1804
Christian(f)      16May1806
*William          17May1808   <--- my direct
Ann Smith       23 JUL 1811

* assume first William died...

Any help appreciated.

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