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Status: Restricted User
« on: Tuesday 08 April 08 22:28 BST (UK) »
Sometimes you will see the status Restricted User in a member's profile.

This means that the member may view all boards and send and receive PMs
but cannot post replies or start new topics.

The restriction is put in place  due to disagreements with and/or transgressions of RootsChat policy.

  • continuous breaches of copyright,
  • publishing PMs on the public boards, despite being requested not to do so,
  • shouting or aggressive, bullying behaviour, publicy or in PMs,
  • Inappropiate behaviour in the chatroom,
  • Unplausible behaviour.  Sometimes a user starts posting in a way that that is totally unlike their usual style.  We may then use the "Restricted User" option to limit the user's input until we can check why.
    (Usually it's the kids having a bit of fun, when Mum/Dad go out of the room and leave the computer on). 
  • other transgressions.

Restricted User gives the member the opportunity to stay in PM contact with Mods and Admin
until the issue has been resolved, and their status can be returned to normal.

RootsChat never seeks to restrict or ban members without due cause,
but the discussions about such restrictions will be conducted between
these Members, Mods and Admin in private.

The RootsChat Team
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