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Re: Bishops Transcript, Aberedw - PUGH
« Reply #9 on: Wednesday 28 May 14 04:41 BST (UK) »
Hello Diana,

There is another will of David Pugh, Clyro, 1687 that refers to a sum of Fifteen Pounds owed by Eustance Whitney. The Whitney's were a famous family living in (guess where?) Whitney Herefordshire about 4 miles away from Clyro.

"Sir Robert de Whitney, son of Sir Eustace de Whitney and Anne Talbot, was born about 1225 in Whitney, Herefordshire, England. Another name for Robert was Robert de Whytene."

 I found that the Pughs of Aberedw were an ancient family too.

The history of Radnorshire: Jonathan Williams, Aberedw, Page 287. States that they had been living there for four centuries.

Happy hunting!

Llanfi  :) :) :) :)

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Re: Bishops Transcript, Aberedw - PUGH
« Reply #10 on: Saturday 31 May 14 14:34 BST (UK) »
Hello Llanfi, thank you for all the information you have sent me.  Are you investigating the Pugh family?
I have done a bit of investigating into the Whitney (and the various other spellings of it) family and I read that there were no Whitney's in U.K. until the Norman Invasions and the coming of William the Conqueror.  I know there was a castle at Whitney on Wye and I also know that William threw out all the English & Welsh Lords and replaced them with his own men.  The man he put into Whitney castle, was I think Tursten de Fleming, but the family became known after that as Whitney, due to the place name.  There are a lot of David Whitney's in my family, but I have never been able to find this name in any of the very old records going back, the main names have been, as you say, Eustance and Robert, but no Davids.  I know that there were quite a few illigitimate children born in those days which seemed to take the father's name, so maybe my family sprung from one of those lines. 
It's all very fascinating isn't it!!
The 'History of Radnorshire' sounds like a very interesting book.
Best wishes,
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