Author Topic: WOOD, George & Louisa 1841, 1851  (Read 2214 times)

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Re: WOOD, George & Louisa 1841, 1851
« Reply #9 on: Tuesday 03 June 08 08:33 BST (UK) »

HMMMMMM....what questions this 1830 marriage has raised!

I have Louisa Galiegue's mother's will...and this is a snippet- very hard to read but:

...... she lastly made oath that
she is well acquainted with the family of the (dead) and that Catherine
Reynolds, Ann Galiegue, John Michael Galiegue, Sophia Tibbitt and Louisa
Wood mentioned in the said will are the only living children of the said
(dead? Deceased?)

Catherine Galiegue died August 1838 - her son, William had just pre-deceased her. Catherine had been living at:

No. 3 Broroors Alms Houses Mile End  and had lived in Stepney for many years ( according to a witness to the will)..her daughter, Ann died 1842- have her with Sophia and Esau Tibbitt in 1841.

Interestingly, Ann left all her worldly possessions to just her one sister, Sophia.

Now we know Louisa was still single in 1826 - had been in business with Eliza WOOD - I have wondered if Eliza and George may have been siblings- and I agree, would be getting old to have children as shown in the previously mentioned censuses, although she seems to have had only one child in 1831/2. 

 I think from the will, we can safely say Louisa Wood is the daughter of Catherine Galiegue and not a daughter-in-law, but I have never seen the witnesses etc to the marriage...also its only the christenings that took place at Threadneedle st - Jean Michel and his brother, Philibert Galiegue were silk weavers in Union St Spitalfields in 1794:

For the Year 1794.
Cities of London and Westminster,
& Borough of Southwark
Galiegue J. M. & P. Silk Weavers, 36, Union st. Spitalfields

Jean Michel, Catherine's husband, died about 1797 - don't know about Philibert's death but after JM's.

I hope that clears a few issues up!

Thank you to all of you for digging about - I hadn't expected to get so many clues so quickly ( or to have to go back to the Will )!


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Re: WOOD, George & Louisa 1841, 1851
« Reply #10 on: Tuesday 03 June 08 17:41 BST (UK) »
Hi Kiwi

If you look at the marriage on Pallots on Ancestry it looks as if Louisa was an "s" for spinster when she married Geo Wood "b" bachelor.


LONDON: Flewers/Fluers, Pullen, Leary, Griffiths, Wood, Mitchell. HERTS: Barker, Bates, Dickens, Hutchins, Slater, King, Kent, Overill, Peters. BEDS/BUCKS: Whitbread, Horley, Seabrook, Horn(e), Jenkins, Woodward. BERKS/HAMPS: Gibson, Tigg, Boames, Parker SUFFOLK: Mason, Mott, Suttle, Twitchett, Everard, Feveryar, Riches, Clarke, Harper, Potter, Brinkley. BRISTOL: Mitchell, Pullen. CLACKMANNANSHIRE/FIFE, Keir, Sym(e), Watson, GLASGOW/IRELAND: Collins, Brown, Paterson. IRELAND: Leary, Collins

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Re: WOOD, George & Louisa 1841, 1851
« Reply #11 on: Tuesday 03 June 08 20:20 BST (UK) »
So endeth that...........she was a spinster when she married and quite possibly only had the one child.

where are we in the 1841 nearer unless she also had a second name of Elizabeth


Researching names BRYANT (Camberwell), PASTERFIELD (Essex and all), RAY (Holborn/Islington areas back to Brentford), POWELL (Glouc & beyond?)
Fletcher (Glouc into Warwickshie into Lancs?), BUCKLEY (Chatham area), Watson (Chatham area).

Census Information is Crown Copyright, from

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Re: WOOD, George & Louisa 1841, 1851
« Reply #12 on: Wednesday 04 June 08 06:46 BST (UK) »
Many thanks for the look up in Pallots Lyla- much appreciated!

And Bryant- you still make me laugh.....and of course you are right- I wonder where George WOOD b about 1799 Northampton - ie Outside of district, and his older wife, Louisa with daughter b 1831/2 be in 1841?

By the way, if IGI has the correct record, George WOOD was christened Dec 1798 in Kingscliffe, Northampton. Son of Roger and Elizabeth POTTS ATKINS who married Kingscliffe 1789 - now we know we are on the right track as Elizabeth Louisa b 1831/2 gave a son the middle name of ATKINS

Here are all George WOOD's siblings:

CHARLES ATTKINS WOODS - Christening: 07 OCT 1791 Kings Cliffe, Northampton, England-m- Esther LOWE 1842 and he died 1859 - Kingscliffe
JOHN WILLIS WOOD  Christening: 19 NOV 1792 Kings Cliffe, Northampton, England
ANN SARAH DOUGLAS WOOD  Christening: 11 SEP 1796 Kings Cliffe, Northampton, England
JAMES KEMPSON WOOD -  Christening: 12 SEP 1797 Kings Cliffe, Northampton, England
GEORGE WOOD - Christening: 12 DEC 1798 Kings Cliffe, Northampton, England
ELIZABETH WOOD  Christening: 30 JUN 1803 Kings Cliffe, Northampton, England-never married see 1881

Any help would be wonderful!


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Re: WOOD, George & Louisa 1841, 1851
« Reply #13 on: Saturday 26 October 19 13:53 BST (UK) »
Louisa Galigue (B.1794) married George Wood at St. Dunstans church, Stepney, 13th July,1830.  Daughter, Elizabeth Louisa Wood was born 24th May 1831. Married Fredrick William White at St, Dunstans church, Stepney, 16th October 1853.
Elizabeth Wood, sister of Fredrick, was in partnership with Louisa Galigue as Hatmakers.
Family was researched by my late brother.