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Re: "Heir Hunters"
« Reply #36 on: Sunday 22 June 08 18:48 BST (UK) »

I missed the first series, but will try and watch.  Similar detective work to ours!

We have used a similar organisation the other way around; as executors of a small estate where we cannot find one of the beneficiaries.  I thought I would try, but of course I could not access all the info.  In fact we still have not found the person, who has probably gone abroad.  I was interested in the methods used!  So I look forward to watching yours in action.
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Heir Hunters
« Reply #37 on: Tuesday 01 July 08 10:47 BST (UK) »

This programme has started a new series on BBC1 at 09:15
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Re: Heir Hunters
« Reply #38 on: Tuesday 01 July 08 11:08 BST (UK) »
Watched yesterday and today.
Very interesting!

I did notice that there were no female investigators 'in the field.'
Also no high profile ladies in the office.

Is there a reason for this?

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Re: Heir Hunters
« Reply #39 on: Tuesday 01 July 08 11:15 BST (UK) »  has a small list of people who did not leave a will and with no known relatives.

Might be worth checking to see if any belong in your tree.

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Re: Heir Hunters
« Reply #40 on: Tuesday 01 July 08 12:16 BST (UK) »
Wish I could spend a couple of days in their office just looking at all the records they have  ;D

It was interesting yesterday with Lord and Lady something doing research on old cases from their home.  Be a bit of a shock to get a letter from him.  I bet some of us could do that job if we had the time.

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Re: Heir Hunters
« Reply #41 on: Tuesday 01 July 08 13:02 BST (UK) »
Thanks for letting us know it's on - I never find out unless someone tells me :-[  Should look, really!
Will catch up on bbciplayer.
Paulene :)
I'm sure you're right - I expect they need qualifications though. There are some great detectives here on rootschat.
Lovely avator, by the way :)

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Re: Heir Hunters
« Reply #42 on: Tuesday 01 July 08 14:30 BST (UK) »
Neil Fraser gave the full runs for the series on the previous thread,280581.30.html
Basically Mon-Fri for four weeks.

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Re: "Heir Hunters"
« Reply #43 on: Tuesday 01 July 08 14:33 BST (UK) »
I've recorded the first couple of programmes & watched number one. I was rather annoyed at the "spoiler" given at the start in the coming up bit... it did rather give the game away. I also thought that the voice over was a bit at odds with the film at times in what had or had not been "discovered" at that stage - a problem with the editing, maybe?
I'll be interested in any explanation as to how the cases are chosen now that the value of the estate is no longer put on the web/press advert.

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Re: "Heir Hunters"
« Reply #44 on: Tuesday 01 July 08 17:05 BST (UK) »
I saw the first one on monday......that poor guy who had to drive up and down the country several times and THEN got a speeding ticket..... ::) ;D

Maybe it would help if there was someone already oop north  ;)

iplayer is a wonderful invention,  just downloading this morning's for later.

Although it has nothing to do with Fraser & Fraser......where's Nadia gone??  The repetetiveness of the first series has diminished but the voice over script is dire!  ::)
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