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Re: "Heir Hunters"
« Reply #45 on: Tuesday 01 July 08 18:59 BST (UK) »
The programmes are available for seven days after transmission on the BBC i player

The thing that struck me about the first two programs was the difference in the production values. Mondays programme was coherent and concise with a good narration and little repetition. However, Tuesdays was a complete mismash, more repetition and bad narration. Perhaps the latter was given to the production company's work experience student  ::)
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Re: "Heir Hunters"
« Reply #46 on: Tuesday 01 July 08 20:07 BST (UK) »
The last series was fantastic (ok not brilliantly filmed but better than the house programmes!)

I just happened to be off work on Monday and enjoyed the first programme and meant to set the recorder. I am now downloading iplayer.

Such a shame it's not gettting a more prime time slot!

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Heir Hunters
« Reply #47 on: Wednesday 02 July 08 09:43 BST (UK) »
I've just discovered a programme on BBC 1 at 9.30 a.m., entitled Heir Hunters

I don't know if anyone else has watched this, but for some reason I find it slightly distasteful.   I know these people have a living to make, but there's something in the way they go about it which I feel is just, well - unpleasant.

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Re: Heir Hunters
« Reply #48 on: Wednesday 02 July 08 11:04 BST (UK) »
I thought the same thing and turned it off. 

There's an important lesson here for everyone and that is to make a will.  I'd rather burn what money I have than see it go to a distant, greasy handed relation who's only real concern was what they were going to spend it on.

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Re: Heir Hunters
« Reply #49 on: Wednesday 02 July 08 11:46 BST (UK) »
I'd rather it went to a relation or a deserving charity than the Government - which is what happens if these Probate researchers dont find a beneficiary ....

Distasteful seems a strong word for what they are effectively doing - keeping the money out of the Governments hands    ::)
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Re: Heir Hunters
« Reply #50 on: Wednesday 02 July 08 11:56 BST (UK) »
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Re: "Heir Hunters"
« Reply #51 on: Wednesday 02 July 08 12:16 BST (UK) »
Blast just noticed this post!

It will have to be the iplayer for me because I'm at work

Willow x
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Re: "Heir Hunters"
« Reply #52 on: Wednesday 02 July 08 12:47 BST (UK) »
they [ our computer technicans at work ] were messing around with the PC a few months back, installing new ones upgrading the server, cleaning (all my bookmarks  ::) ) off etc etc and now i dont have sound on my work PC  ::)
i went to put it ont his morning as no-one is in the office - H & S training day and couldnt hear anything  ::)
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Re: "Heir Hunters"
« Reply #53 on: Wednesday 02 July 08 12:54 BST (UK) »
I love the programme but fed up seeing the same filing drawers being closed 3 maybe 4 times in every episode is annoying.

And how do they choose a subject if they don't know the value?  I fully understand that with Fraser and Fraser's overheads they can't afford to follow Great Aunt Maud's 500 pounds.

I enjoyed the Lord and Lady bit giving hope that maybe they may come across MY poor lost relatives.

Something else - what a greedy grasping government (all) we have that would give a wartime hero a paupers grave when he had over a million in the bank! >:(
Did they find relatives I missed the end?