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Lookup William Mullins
« on: Thursday 27 January 05 23:43 GMT (UK) »
I am looking for a William Mullins, born in approx 1818 in Wiltshire the record i have shows the town as Stop but i am not if that town is right.  He was a Gamekeeper when he was older  so i am guessing that would be what his family did. Hope you can help

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Re: Lookup William Mullins
« Reply #1 on: Friday 28 January 05 11:03 GMT (UK) »
Hi Steve,

This is the William Mullins closest in age, taken from a transcript so I cannot check out that anomaly in the wife's age!
HO107/1849/164 p 8
schedule 29
26 High Street
MULLINS William 32 Labourer b Tisbury, Wilts.
Arundell Wife 64 b Tisbury, Wilts.
Henry 19 Labourer Tisbury, Wilts.

There are other Mullins in Wardour

Juliana age 15 a servant b Tisbury

HO107/1849/170 p 21 schedule 79
76 High Street
MULLINS James 63 Labourer b Tisbury, Wilts.
Martha 60 b Wardour, Wilts.
Cicily Daughter 14 b Wardour, Wilts.
Martha Granddaughter 10 Scholar b London, Middx.
ELITIA ??? Letitia ? Granddaughter 8 Scholar b London, Middx.
TOOLE John Grandson 8 Scholar b Wardour, Wilts.

HO107/1849/172 p 24 schedule 89
85 High Street
MULLINS Thomas 36 Waggoner b Tisbury, Wilts.
Elizabeth 30 b Fonthill Gifford, Wilts.
Henry 8 Scholar b Wardour, Wilts.
John 6 Scholar b Wardour, Wilts.
Ellen 3 Scholar b Wardour, Wilts.
Joseph 3 b Wardour, Wilts.

Page 25
MULLINS William 1 b Wardour, Wilts.
Charlotte Niece 10 b Wardour, Wilts.

I have found a couple of baptisms on BVRI2

William Henry Mullins bapt 9 Feb 1817 parents Joseph & Sophia in Fonthill Gifford

There is also one in Tisbury in 1814, from BTs

William Mullins bapt 18 Sep 1814, mother Janie Mullins

Don't know if this helps you at all.


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Re: Lookup William Mullins
« Reply #2 on: Thursday 17 December 15 13:11 GMT (UK) »
I'm descended from some of the (very large) Mullins families in the Tisbury area,

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Re: Lookup William Mullins
« Reply #3 on: Monday 21 December 15 12:03 GMT (UK) »
Welcome to RootsChat Churchill Lass :)

I am sorry but sjeemullins only posted this one message and never came back, sadly the email address has now stopped working.


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Re: Lookup William Mullins
« Reply #4 on: Sunday 07 February 16 21:38 GMT (UK) »
My Mum grew up alongside a Mullins family, who had a lovely cottage in Glasses Lane, Fovant. Would this be any connection? Have lots of photographs somewhere?

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Re: Lookup William Mullins
« Reply #5 on: Thursday 27 August 20 12:03 BST (UK) »
Hi KEwRixon,
I am currently sat in a cottage on Glasses Lane. I am researching itís history and would be fascinated to hear more about this Mullins Family and any photographs. I believe there are 3 cottages on the Lane but have not been able to definitively identify this one on any census.

Many thanks for any information or help you might be able to provide!