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Look Ups Halifax Nova Scotia
« on: Friday 28 January 05 15:10 GMT (UK) »
Trying to find Alexander MacDonald possibly from Halifax Nova Scotia.

Wifes maiden name Mary Ann Burton.

Daughter Born Halifax 1834. Mary Ann Harriet MacDonald.

Daughter was married in Australia 1855 .

Alexander is listed on marriage cert as Military Officer.

Any help you can give Please!

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Re: Look Ups Halifax Nova Scotia
« Reply #1 on: Friday 28 January 05 18:25 GMT (UK) »
Hi Rowdy,
Here are a couple of links that might help you get started in your search.  These sites offer, among other things, volunteer lookups, query boards and census links.

Nova Scotia GenWeb Project:

Nova Scotia GenWeb: Halifax County:

Hope these will help,
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Re: Look Ups Halifax Nova Scotia
« Reply #2 on: Thursday 03 March 05 01:59 GMT (UK) »
Hi Rowdy,The info. you are looking for if it exists(some areas of the records are hit or miss.Will be found in the provincial archives.However there is some info. in the public library.for example I know of 2 books on immigrants to Canada  Pre Confederation (1867)The arrival of the family may be in this book,However there may not be a record of them leaving for Oz.You could check "Ships Lists "for that.Try under assisted immigration to Australia.I had a lot of good luck with this.
Wee Bairn,
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Re: Look Ups Halifax Nova Scotia
« Reply #3 on: Thursday 03 March 05 07:13 GMT (UK) »
Hi Rowdy,
Another thought. If your Alexander MacDonald was a Military Officer, he was probably not born in Nova Scotia or an immigrant. He was probably stationed in Halifax for some period of time. Since his daughter was born there, you might be able to find a record of her birth there, but I doubt that you will find anything about Alexander or his wife(unless she was local).

The name suggests that he was in one of the Scottish regiments. Quite a number of those saw tours of duty in Canada. The Nova Scotia Archives might have information on just which regiment was there in the 1830s, but I imagine that you could also get that information from Kew in London.
You don't say where you live, but if you are in the UK, it would be easier to search there before trying to find Canadian records (which will involve help from a researcher in Halifax).

I did a quick search online for Scottish regiments in Canada
before 1867, but could not find any information on just which ones were stationed in Halifax. The following were in Canada (1812- 1871):
 The Royal Scots, the 71st Highland Light Infantry, the 70th Cameron Highlanders, the 78th Rosshire Buffs (later Seaforth Highlanders), the 80th (Glasgow Lowland) and the 93rd Sutherland Highlanders. I know that the Rosshire Buffs
were in Halifax, but I am not sure about the others. This list may not be complete.

If the whole family emigrated to Oz, it is likely that they returned to the UK first, then when Alexander got out of the Army, they may have taken advantage of one of the assisted
immigration schemes to go to Oz. Former soldiers were offered priority in some of those schemes.

As Wee Bairn suggests, I think I'd start at the Australian end, if I were you, with ships' lists and assisted immigration and perhaps land grants. I may be wrong, but I think your Alexander was most likely born in Scotland. I'd look for a military record next, (which might confirm that).

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