Author Topic: Location of soldiers barracks in the 1800s/1810s  (Read 3770 times)

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Location of soldiers barracks in the 1800s/1810s
« on: Monday 31 January 05 14:16 GMT (UK) »

I have an ancestor who was recorded as being a soldier on his children's baptism records in the parish of Sutton Courtenay, Berkshire. He doesn't seem to have married in the parish, or be buried there. His wife was from the parish so presumably that's why the family were based there. They had several children over a 12 year period, all of whom were baptised in Sutton Courtenay, and all had 'soldier' listed as the fathers occupation.

I'm interested in knowning whether anyone has a list of the where any barracks were in Berkshire during the 1800s/1810s, and if possible, which regiments were stationed there.


Census information is Crown Copyright, from

Wolverhampton, Islington: Billingsley
Hammersmith, Manchester, Kent, Islington: Smith
Yorkshire: Hauxwell, Woodward, Butterfield
Darlington: Theakston
Essex: Harvey, Stock, Mead
Kent: Strong
Wokingham, Hammersmith: Thorpe
Oxfordshire: Rawlin(g)s, Johnson, Humphries, Curtis, Pope, Bossom, Simpson

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Re: Location of soldiers barracks in the 1800s/1810s
« Reply #1 on: Wednesday 02 February 05 16:56 GMT (UK) »

Hi Paula - have you tried a Google search using Army or Regiments Berkshire 1800 ? loads of links, you might find something to help - some good reading on some of the sites  :)
Good Luck ..
All census lookups are Crown Copyright from
Sussex - Knapp. Nailard. Potten. Coleman. Pomfrey. Carter. Picknell
Greenwich/Woolwich. - Clowting. Davis. Kitts. Ferguson. Lowther. Carvalho. Pressman. Redknap. Argent.
Hertfordshire - Sturgeon. Bird. Rule. Claxton. Taylor. Braggins