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Deaths post 1983
« on: Tuesday 01 February 05 19:37 GMT (UK) »
Hi All

Although I have been researching my family tree for more than two years and have made great use of 1837 Online, last night I discovered a feature that I previously never knew existed so I thought that I would share it with you.  Of course I expect that most of you will already be 'in the know' but since it has eluded me until up to now, I expect that it will be news to lots of others.

I guess that most people use 1837 Online to find details on their earlier ancestors and therefore don't tend to look at the post 1983 search engine and so don't realise that it is different. 

In my tree I have quite a large number of ancestors who died during the last twenty years or so.  In many cases living relative relatives have been able to provide either birth dates or death dates but rarely both.  What I found is that the 1837 Online post 1983 search engine makes it very easy ( unless perhaps the person has an extremely common name such as John Smith) to use the death search to find the missing date.  If you know the date of death you can immediately look up the person and you will get the date of birth (as recorded by the informant).  Actually you can get this on deaths as early as 1973. Before that you only get the age at death (back to 1866 and before that nothing).  The really interesting bit is that if you know the person's date of birth and you know that they died after 1983 you can easily find the month and year of death by using the search feature.  I found all my missing dates this way and I was lucky that because my surnames are not one of the top ten common names in each case, without even putting in the place where the death was registered, I only got one screen in each case to pay for.  I guess that I was also lucky that the informant's and my record of the birth date were the same in every case.

Good luck

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