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Re: Blog: "Nothing But Bad Times"
« Reply #288 on: Thursday 05 January 17 16:13 GMT (UK) »
Hi guys, thanks once more for all the support.

I now move to another thread, where I am going to write another story, this time it is the account of how I found all the information I did, and my own personal journey to Holytown earlier this year.

I hope you find it as enjoyable as this one. You'll find it here:

Regards, Matt

Hello Matt.
Due to a recent post, I have discovered, (8 years later,) and read, your blog.
May I offer hearty congratulations that you actually did set this down for others to read? 

I am sure I am one of an army of procrastinators who intend to put their research into prose, one day.....  :-\

I would like to look at the link as quoted above, as I am sure I have much to learn, but I can't make it work.   :'(

Can anyone help please?
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