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« on: Friday 19 December 08 08:55 GMT (UK) »
I've just realised as I was filling in the search form on Ancestry that I was searching for a newly-born boy in a census whose parents were Joseph and Mary!  ;D
Looking at ALSTON in south Ribble area, ALSTEAD and DONBAVAND/DUNBABIN etc. everywhere, HOWCROFT and MARSH in Bolton and Westhoughton, PICKERING in the Whitehaven area.

Census information is Crown Copyright. See for details.

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Re: Coincidence
« Reply #1 on: Friday 19 December 08 09:00 GMT (UK) »
Hi andrewalston

I didnt know ancestry went that far back ;) ;) ;) ;)
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Harby,Garton,Drury,Duncombe,Booth,Catton,Barker, Kirkby, Wilson. Lincolnshire, <br />Also Murkin's, Jeffery,Pettitt,Carter, from Suffolk/Cambridgeshire boarder<br />Census information is Crown Copyright from

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Re: Coincidence
« Reply #2 on: Friday 19 December 08 13:02 GMT (UK) »
Was that the Bethleham census?  :)- after all, that is why M & J went there from Nazareth!.

Come to think of it, the Christmas story has lots of Family Historian connections -
A census
A birth
Illegitimacy (apparently)
Emigration (they fled to Egypt soon after the birth to get away from Herod)
Infant mortality (Herod killing all baby boys)

etc etc
Edmonds/Edmunds - mainly Sussex
DeBoo - London
Green - Suffolk
Parker - Sussex
Kemp - Essex
Farrington - Essex
Boniface - West Sussex

census information is Crown Copyright from

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Re: Coincidence
« Reply #3 on: Friday 19 December 08 20:21 GMT (UK) »
... but unlike the majority of us, a fully recorded genealogy and royal connections !
Dorset/Wilts/Hants: Trowbridge Williams Sturney/Sturmey Prince Foyle/Foil Hoare Vincent Fripp/Frypp Triggle/Trygel Adams Hibige/Hibditch Riggs White Angel Cake 
C'wall/Devon/France/CANADA (Barkerville, B.C.): Pomeroy/Pomerai/Pomroy
Som'set: Clark(e) Fry
Durham: Law(e)
London: Hanham Poplett
Lancs/Cheshire/CANADA (Kelowna, B.C. & Sask): Stubbs Walmesley


Census information Crown Copyright from