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** Using this board / alphabetic sorting **
« on: Saturday 31 January 09 08:35 GMT (UK) »
Welcome to the "Other Countries" Board :)

In the "Research in Other Countries" category we have boards for your queries about ancestors and descendants from

European Countries
New Zealand
South Africa

As there are not enough topics to warrant a separate board for every other country, we have created this board: Other Countries  for queries concerning any countries not covered by the boards listed above.

This can include immigrants and emigrants to and from these other countries, expatriates, exiles, refugees, ancestors who worked abroad for a few years, etc, etc.


We would like to ask you to use the following guidelines when posting:

If the search country is known, the first part of your title should be the name of the country,
followed by a colon  and a space

India: ....
Ceylon: ....
Jamaica: ...

If you click on the word "Subject" at the head of the board, all topics will be sorted in alphabetic order,
which means that all postings concerning particular countries will be grouped together.

We hope this will make it easier to find and read relevant topics.
The Moderators will edit existing titles, bit by bit.

Another good reason, for including the name of the country, is that we have Rootschatters here, who know quite a lot about certain countries, and will therefore be more likely to look at your postings.

         e.g. "INDIA: looking for Fred"  rather than just "Looking for Fred"

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