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Immigration and Emigration - General
« on: Saturday 07 February 09 09:33 GMT (UK) »
Whether you refer to your ancestors as emigrants or immigrants often depends on your geographical standpoint.

Queries about emigrant and immigrant ancestors often include research in the "from" country and the "to" country.

Going by past experience,   

  • queries concerning Immigrants/Emigrants to Britain, from Europe get the best coverage on the Europe board (the "from" country).

    There are no "Ships lists" to Britain, and no "Immigration lists" in Britain, but some european countries did have emigration lists.

    If your ancestors became naturalised british citizens, then there is the possibility of finding their naturalisation papers (or applications) in the National Archives at Kew.
    For more information see the Europe Resources board.

  • queries concerning Immigrants/Emigrants to Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, United States and other countries get the best coverage on the appropriate Country boards (the "to" country).

    This is probably because each of these "host" countries tends to have ships-lists or immigration lists, which are a big help in tracking down ancestors.

  • queries concerning Immigrants/Emigrants to Britain, from outside of Europe get the best coverage on the other Country boards (the "from" country).

  • queries concerning Immigrants/Emigrants from Ireland to England, Scotland and Wales get the best coverage on the appopriate County boards. There are no "ships lists" or "immigrants lists" for this, as Ireland (at that time) was part of Britain, and moving to Britain from Ireland was just that, moving, and was not classed as "Immigration".

This board, Immigration and Emigration - General is meant for general enquires and discussions about immigration and emigration, rather than queries about specific people.

If necessary, the moderators will move topics to more suitable boards.
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