Author Topic: How someone ate a stone (14lbs) a day of potatoes...  (Read 4532 times)

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Re: How someone ate a stone (14lbs) a day of potatoes...
« Reply #18 on: Saturday 19 February 05 20:33 GMT (UK) »
Have just been in communication with an aunt of mine who was married to Uncle Jimmie, an Irishman, for over 50 years.  She says that her mother-in-law told her:
"...potatoes as main meal were simply eaten boiled.  The 'floury' ones were the top pick and even-sized large potoatoes were boiled in the pan, the water was drained from the pan and then a dry crumpled cloth was put into the pan on top of the potatoes which had the effect of giving them the floury, almost fluffy, quality which was liked."
"Granny Young always cooked hers like that; she also used a tin teapot which she put back on the stove after making the tea to stew before drinking it.  When potato was eaten for a midday meal in the fields it was in the form of potato cake, which was cooked mashed potato with a very little flour and salt, rolled out to a quarter inch or so thick, cut and cooked on a dry pan on the stove.
Potatoes were the sole diet, even 9 years ago, when Jimmie's nephew went down to Killeshandra where the family had an estate; he found their ex-steward's son, now elderly, sitting down with his wife to a dinner of potatoes and nothing more"

My aunt goes on to say that she's rather sceptical of the 14lb of potatoes daily intake, and told me that when she recently visited Dresden in Germany with her daughter, there was a Kartoffeln Restaurant below their hotel which served only potato dishes.  They never went in it, only peered down into it and never saw more than a couple of old men in it - she wished now she had looked at the menu properly, as she only remembers that there was potato soup to start with...

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Re: How someone ate a stone (14lbs) a day of potatoes...
« Reply #19 on: Saturday 19 February 05 23:29 GMT (UK) »
all this talk of irish crub is making me so long to go home

It must be an Irish thing the brewing of the tea , it is how I remember tea  being made....I do'nt tea either now.....I will have the poteen instead

I agree with your Aunty 14lbs seems a bit too much

I went to the Ulster Folk museum last year and in these earth floor, thatched roof old buildings, the people who worked there were cooking over open fires just the same way they did back in the 1800. One pot meals and griddles .I can not think what was in the pot because I was too busy eating the lovely soda bread.

Perhaps they might have more information on the food and the amount of potato lbs
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