Author Topic: The Joel-Ellis family  (Read 6596 times)

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Re: The Joel-Ellis family
« Reply #9 on: Tuesday 20 September 11 11:02 BST (UK) »
Hi Nick.
If you look down the chain of messages you'll see just about all the information I have got. Joseph Frederick Joel Ellis, of The Grange, Ellistown was my grandmother's grandfather on my father's side. One of his children, Eve, married an Austrian and lived in Vienna. Their daughter was my grandmother. My late godmother, Peggy Jacobson, also a second cousin, was the grandchild of another of the Joel Ellis children.
The mine remained in the family (my grandmother was NOT part of this inheritance) until the mining industry was nationalised.
I have never heard of Charles Edward, and he never figured in any of my godmother's lists and tales of Ellistown and her uncles.
She did mention Ellis and Everard as the company the family was involved with - they were not in coal by that time but in pottery items such as pipes for drainage and so forth.
I would be interested in learning more about the mine and the pottery; I still have no idea why Joseph Frederick Joel decided upon on the name ELLIS as an addition to his original surname, changing it legally by deed poll in 1863.
My suspicion is the the Ellis family had somehow helped him in his ambitions, and that the addition of the name Ellis made the family sound less Jewish.
I'm also trying to verify the link between Joseph Frederick Joel Ellis, Lewis Joel (I suspect a much younger brother) and Sarah Joel who died in New York.
Is any of this helpful?

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Re: The Joel-Ellis family
« Reply #10 on: Friday 08 April 22 00:52 BST (UK) »
Just seen these posts. Joseph Joel Ellis was my great great grandfather, my great grand father was Albert Joel Ellis and his daughter Muriel Irene George Ellis was my grandmother, she married my grandfather Reginald Gauntlett Shuter and my father John Shuter was a director at Ellistown in the 1940's-50's. I also had a great aunt who was an Ellis but we do not know very much about that side of the family except that my father lived with her during the war and she was a friend of Winston Churchill's. I do have some Ellis family things left by my father. Interested to hear from other relatives?