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Re: Pruning
« Reply #18 on: Sunday 31 May 09 08:49 BST (UK) »
I record ancestors, their siblings plus siblings partners and children, but not siblings partners parents nor siblings childrens children.  Keeps it reasonably compact but includes relatives who may turn up in a range of records confirming ids & background..


These are the same the rules I have been following (although in most cases I am only at census researching period), and have found it works well for me. 

Invariably I find the few bits and bobs I have gotten rid of, would have proved useful in the future though, so I too would go for the 'other file' rather than the 'permanently delete' option!

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Re: Pruning
« Reply #19 on: Sunday 31 May 09 10:08 BST (UK) »
I think different people enjoy this hobby for different reasons and each reason requires a different style of tree.

Those who are often labelled 'name collectors' will, and should, keep everything because that is what they want their tree for, a record of their research. That is their choice and I have no problems with that. When you first start, that is the best attitude to take because you never know when that information will become useful.

At the other end of the scale there are the purists, those who only collect #1, taking no interest in siblings at all. To some, this is perfection.

Between these two extremes there are many many possibilities and I suspect most of us fit somewhere here. Some collect neighbours, some collect marriage witnesses, some collect everything they find.

I personally think everyone should do what they want to do.

Whichever you choose there is always the possibility, one day, of deciding to change. At this point the nearer you are to the 'purist' the more research you have to look forward to and the nearer you are to 'collector' the more pruning you need to do.

I am merely changing tack. So far I have managed to discard #5 and #7 without severe sorrow but I will certainly take time before taking then next step.

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Re: Pruning
« Reply #20 on: Tuesday 02 June 09 02:09 BST (UK) »
Good topic Paul ..... I guess cold realisation hits us all when we have become too zealous in our research.
Nos 5 and 7 are clogging your efforts and best not to waste your time on but what you have collected put onto another drive or into a separate file which you can call upon if your memory box (in your head) senses the need.
Working backwards from you and getting all you can about 3 or 4 generations to provide a solid base and if your ggg/f had a brother whose child (or children) were famous (or infamous) for some reason then make a note of it as you may find that someday someone will contact you for any information you may have.
An old military axiom 'Always Maintain the Objective' I believe is applicable and you should really determine just what your objective is ... and do not get 'sidelined'.
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