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movin ?
« on: Friday 30 April 04 15:38 BST (UK) »
 ::)  Learning all the time !!,
 Hi all ,  I have a family in a village 1881  father s died ,mother & four children left  .By 1891 mothers remarried and chidren living
 in  differant part of England youngest was 13  was this common for familys to split like this ??? :o
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Re:movin ?
« Reply #1 on: Friday 30 April 04 19:17 BST (UK) »

Just a few suggestions....

On the 1891 census for the children, does it say whether they are related to who they are living with?

Does it say whether they are visitor in the household? I have a few of mine they were in other areas, just a case of when the census was taken they were staying with uncle and aunt.

Could they be working at the house they were at, maybe servants or labourers for the household?  As the youngest is 13 he could be working.

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