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Re: Frank jackson
« Reply #9 on: Sunday 12 July 09 23:30 BST (UK) »
Here is the family in 1861, He is transcribed as Tram
although they don't show up in the transcribed OGSON one!
John age 45 / 1816
Fanny - age 38 / 1823 born Ontario of German descent
Mary - age 16 /1845
Susanna - age 11 / 1850
John - age 10 / 1851
Sampson- age 8 / 1853
Tram age 5 / 1856
Fanny - age 3 / 1858
Jemima- age 2 / 1859

Now see that Fanny is still with them and is on the 1871 here:;t=searchable;c=1551612
Put in surname only under 1871 collection...Wilmot, waterloo

argh.....sorry I wasted your Hiram & Sampson are in B.C. occ. butchers in 1881 ( Fanny & John there too...)...but yours was in the U.S. by 1881...although where is he, then, by the way, in 1881?

I don't see Sampson or Hiram in 1891

am adding family as Jakson 1851/52 census anyway, for others searching
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Re: Frank jackson
« Reply #10 on: Wednesday 15 July 09 23:36 BST (UK) »
My Frank Jackson  could be anyone. On his death certificate  the informant
was  a son Andrew Jackson. Frank's B/P says Alexandria, Nebraska(U.S.),
and parents unknown. However old timers in Family say he was born in
Canada. He came to U.S. in 1876 according to a 1900 Iowa (U.S) census, has his birthdate as 1861 born in Canada. He is with his wife Tidy and that is how
I can identify him and her(my Great-great grandparents) I never have found
a Frank in Nebraska . The Iowa census has Harlon, but it has to be Harlow T
before it comes up. Think someone misread harlon for Harlow. My Frank is
buried in Tx. Died in 1936 So, before 1900 I don't know  which Frank he is.
He was a horsetrader on 1900 census, and 1910. 1900 census has harlon, after that was Frank . Some speculate if he could be the Frank Jackson
who rode with Sam Bass the outlaw in Tx.  Sam Bass was shot in 1878 and
member Frank Jackson disapeared, never to be found. I have not found
anything to confirm or deny that. I dont think he actually lived in Canada
after !900, and maybe not after he came here in 1876.  If he were on the run he wouldn't probably give real facts. ??? Some family say that he came out
of Canada  mountains as a boy. And that he was orphaned. Again, who knows.
A mystery!  His wife was Tidy J Simon. Tidy J mothers maiden name was
 Lucinda Hardin, daughter of John Hardin