Author Topic: Mormon converts to US from England  (Read 3697 times)

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Mormon converts to US from England
« on: Saturday 25 July 09 20:40 BST (UK) »
Does anyone have advice on how and where to start looking?

Henry Hancock was born in Wooburn Bucks in 1814 and died 1905 at Liberty, Bear Lake, Idaho.  He was a follower of the Mormon religion.

He married Sarah Ayres born 1813 (Tipperton Shrewsbury) in England and had six children in Wooburn but they emmigrated to Salt Lake City between 1854 and 1863 when Sarah died in Salt Lake City. 

He married twice more.

In the 1880 US census he was at Liberty, Bear Lake, Idaho with wife Esther.

Henry appears in the 1890 census with third wife Barbara and the last son born in England Orson W Hancock born 1854.

I have found this link

which started my interest.  It is a PDF and in the middle of page 114 there is information about a Henry Hancock . 

I don't even know if he is connected to my ancestors but thought I would like to find out more.

So if you have any ideas I would be very pleased to hear from you,

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Re: Mormon converts to US from England
« Reply #1 on: Saturday 25 July 09 22:46 BST (UK) »
The Mormon Immigration Index has the following:

HANCOCK, Henry   <1814>   Amazon   1863
         Age:   49   Origin:   England   Occ:   Shoemaker
   Note:   BMR, p.294

Ship:   Amazon
   Date of Departure:   4 Jun 1863   Port of Departure:   London, England
   LDS Immigrants:   895   Church Leader:   William Bramall
   Date of Arrival:   18 Jul 1863   Port of Arrival:   New York, New York
   Source(s):   BMR, Book #1047, pp. 277-316 (FHL #025,691); Customs #747 (FHL #175,587)
   Notes:   "AMAZON. -- The splendid packet ship Amazon, Captain H. K. Hovey, also sailed from London on the 4th instant, with a company of 895 souls of the Saints on board under the presidency of Elder William Bramall; Elders Edward L. Sloan and Richard Palmer being associeated with him as his counselors.  The company passed the Government Emigration Officers on the 3rd, who eulogized their order, harmony and general appearance, after which Presedent Cannon, who was accompanied by several elders from various parts of the mission, held a meeting organized the company and gave appropriate instructions.  The interest manifested by strangers and the officials whose duty called them to be contiguous to the ship, evinced how much excitement the novelty of a ship-load of Saints, leaving London, produced.  During the meeting which accompanied the organization, the officers of the ship, the cabin passengers and the visitors on board listened with marked attention; while the unanimity of feeling manifested by the Saints, and the deep interest with which they listened to the instructions given and took part in the proceedings on the occasion, evidently made a deep impression on them, displaying, as it did, a something so different from all their conceptions of us as a people.  A brass band, from Soulth Wales, the performers being members of the Church on their way to Zion on the Amazon, discoursed sweet music on the poop-deck before and after the meeting, while the sun shone down upon the crowded deck as if the heavens and the earth were combining together to bestow their blessings upon the last company of the season.  The presidency having been appointed and Elder William M'Lachlan nominated as clerk, Elder Kay closed the meeting with prayer, President Cannon having pronounced a blessing upon the ship, her officers and crew and the Saints on board.   There was considerable excitement manifested by the people on shore as this vessel left the dock and moved down the river, the people on the wharves cheering, and, on the banks of the river and on the vessels anchored in the stream waving their handkerchiefs and hats and giving vent to other demonstrations in response to the singing of the people and the music of the band.   It is worthy of note that the departure of the Amazon from London, laden with Saints, is another instance of the fulfillment of prophecy.  Some years ago, while Elder Eli B. Kelsey was laboring in London, he predicted in a public meeting in that city that ships should yet leave that port filled with Saints emigrating to Zion.  It was with no intention of bringing about the fulfillment of the at prophecy that we chartered the Amazon, for we were entirely ignorant of the utterance of such a prediction until we heard it stated in a meeting of the Saints held on Sunday, the 1st instant, three days before she sailed.  Indeed, the chartering of this vessel was not a matter of choice with us but of necessity.  We could not obtain a vessel in the port of Liverpool suitable to our pupose -- vessels of this description being almost unprecedentedly scarce this spring, and we were, therefore, compelled to go to London.  Thus were circumstances overruled to bring to pass the fulfillment of the words of a servant of God!   Of the elders who sailed on the Amazon, four were from the Valley -- Elders Bramall, Palmer, Edward T. Edwards, and A. W. Van der Woude. . . ."
<MS, 25:25 (June 20, 1863), p.395>

"June.  Thurs. 4. [June 1863] -- The packet ship Amazon sailed from London, England, with 882 (or 895) Saints, under the direction of William Bramall.  It arrived in New York harbor July 18th, and the immigrants reached Florence [Nebraska] a few days later."
<CC, p.69>

Also on the same ship were:
HANCOCK, Ann   <1813>
         Age:   50   Origin:   England   Occ:   Wife
HANCOCK, Joseph   <1813>
         Age:   50   Origin:   England   Occ:   Blacksmith
   Note:   BMR, p.301
HANCOCK, Henry   <1814>
         Age:   49   Origin:   England   Occ:   Shoemaker
   Note:   BMR, p.294
HANCOCK, Sarah   <1814>
         Age:   49   Origin:   England   Occ:   Wife
HANCOCK, Horatio   <1843>
         Age:   20   Origin:   England   Occ:   Painter
   Note:   BMR, p.314
HANCOCK, Anne   <1851>
         Age:   12   Origin:   England      
HANCOCK, Eliza   <1853>
         Age:   10   Origin:   England      
HANCOCK, Ann   <1854>
         Age:   9   Origin:   England      
HANCOCK, William   <1856>
         Age:   7   Origin:   England      

Hope that helps

Swarbrick - all and any - specially interested in all who served in WW1

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Re: Mormon converts to US from England
« Reply #2 on: Saturday 25 July 09 23:15 BST (UK) »
That's incredible, thank you very much.

Now have to see where and IF it fits,

Much appreciated,

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Re: Mormon converts to US from England
« Reply #3 on: Sunday 26 July 09 15:00 BST (UK) »
If you go to the Brigham Young University site:

Scroll down to the advanced search and put in exact phrase, Henry Hancock, and Idaho on any word.  You will find some hits.

Ebenezer Beesley, son of Wm Sheppard Beesley and Susannah Edwards of Eng, b. 14 Dec 1840, to Utah 4 Sept 1859  in George Rowley Company.  Married Sarah Hancock, 26 Mary 1859, Woburn, Buckinghamshire, dau. of Henry Hancock and Sarah Ayres, pioneers of Utah.  Sarah was born 14 Jan 1840.
Children:  Ebenezer m Emily Jane Cooper
                Wm Henry d. 18 Ju 1863
                Frederick m Elizabeth Ellen Solomon
                Adelbert m Adelaide Pugsley
                Ella        m Ernest E Ridges
                Lorenzo m Josephine Hopwood
                Alvin Augustus m Ruby Pratt
                Franklin m Mamie Sullivan
                Amy Susanna m Edwin Lee
                Sarah Emily m Wm F Everett

They lived in Salt Lake City.  Ebenezer Beesley m2 Annie F Breckinridge 19 Apr 1869 and they had children.

Annie Hancock b. 22 Jan 1850 Wooburn, Eng (dau of Wm     
                                       Henry Hancock and Sarah Ayres)
                        d. 12 Dec 1905, Salt Lake City
                        m. abt 1875
                 Joseph Shaw Jr.
                        b. 24 Nov 1844, Eng
                        d. 4 Dec 1888, Salt Lake City
their daughter:
Florence Mabel Shaw  b. 17 Jun 1879, Salt Lake City
                                   m 6 June 1906
                      Glenn Arthur Patterson
                                   b. 11 Aug 1884, Topeka, Kansas
                                   d. 31 Mar 1927, Salt Lake City
their son:
Leroy Arthur Patterson
                         b. 12 May 1907, Salt Lake City
                         m 24 Nov 1928


William Henry Hancock
                   b. 21 Nov 1814, Buckinghamshire, Engl
                   d. abt 1904 Liberty Bear lake Co., Idaho
                   m abt 1834
Sarah Ayres
                   b. 20 May 1814

This is just some of the information I've found.  There may be more.  Also, don't take the above for fact, just a clue as to where to search for information.

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Re: Mormon converts to US from England
« Reply #4 on: Sunday 26 July 09 21:01 BST (UK) »
Thank you, I will investigate further,

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Re: Mormon converts to US from England
« Reply #5 on: Sunday 07 November 21 13:39 GMT (UK) »
Hi Henry Hancock was my 3rd great granduncle. Only just added him to my tree and was looking for info on him and came accross you post,