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History of Ancestors and Spooky Stories
« on: Wednesday 02 September 09 11:04 BST (UK) »
Hi All,

A census website sent me an email invite a join a thread of Spooky ancestor stories from people at a subscription cost. There for I thought this is the best website to have one.

Mine are not stories but strange coincidences!
The most famous we all know but still there! When looking for ancestor Bapt & BMD's more IGI but also others sources, there is always 2 or more entries of an event the year you are wanting but none years before or after.

My best was (Bearing in mind! I have looked up hundreds of graves locations for people) when looking for my granddads grave and found nothing and nearly giving up-sat on a grave stone to have a smoke! There out of the corner of my eye was his grave and nothing really unusual !but it happend exactly the same with his brothers grave a hundred miles away. Sat down ready to give up having a smoke and there gt uncle Sam's Grave. These are the only two times I have found graves this way.

Last in Holmfirth I had looked for a grave of a Abraham for months and one day while looking at a Thomas grave said out load " come on Tommy show me where Abraham is?"
Well late that day in Holmfirth (Summer wine as TV) I had a slit rub with another car.--Right where Abraham lived I found out later.????????? Weired!!

Feel free to put your stories or of the unexplained*on this thread.

Census information Crown Copyright, from
Any transcription of information does not identify or prove anything.
Intended as a Guide only in ancestry research.-It is up to the reader as to any Judgment of assessments of information given! to check from original sources.

In my opinion the marriage residence is not always the place of birth. Never forget Workhouse and overseers accounts records of birth

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