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Re: Benjamin CARR - immigration
« Reply #27 on: Sunday 05 April 20 06:26 BST (UK) »
Thanks for sorting that bit out ...   something else is not making good sense to me ...

I think you may find that the Joseph CARR, publican was NOT the Joseph Carr, Engineer.    I can see TWO marriages at Vic BDM that may be of interest…  a Joseph CARR married in 1854 to Margaret MACKAY #3701/1854 and a Joseph CARR married in 1855 to an Amelia THOMAS #2766/1855.   Amelia and Joseph CARR as well as Margaret and Joseph CARR were registering babies born in the next several years after those two marriages.   Very very likely that would be indicating two chaps both named Joseph CARR.    (And of course there's also Joseph CARR,  son of a Joseph CARR, marrying in 1864 .... and a Joseph CARR in Melbourne, with the Wesleyans, a trustee, (unlikely to be a publican) ... all in the 1860s...  :D  - so possibly four by that name in that decade...

Geelong Advertiser, page 3.  - 27 Aug 1860
Among the articles turned out of Geelong workshops may deservedly be mentioned a very large new boiler for the Portarlington flour mill, ….which has been made by Mr Joseph Carr, engineer and millwright of Ryrie Street ….. the boiler makers engaged by Mr Carr for putting it together are Joseph Cartwright and George Bowley …. To show the repute in which Geelong boilers are held …. Large boiler …. Made and forwarded to Beechworth for a brewery there….   

Geelong Advertiser, page 3, - 17 April 1861
Renewal of publicans general licences Charles Carr, Cricket Club Hotel …

Geelong Advertiser, page 3. -  16 Aug 1861
Abusive language Carr v Rosanna Cullan….  Mrs Carr, the landlady of the Cricket Club Hotel, Chilwell…. Mrs Carr had been confined the previous day ….  (confined as in gave birth ! – perhaps to twin sons, William and George, parents as Joseph and Margaret nee McKay,  Vic BDM #20794/1861 and #20795/1861)
Assault  Roseanna Cullan v Joseph Carr …

Geelong Advertiser, page 2. – 11 Dec 1861
Joseph Carr … an engineer, and was employed … to superintend certain repairs to a boiler belonging to the Portarlington Flour Mill company ….

Geelong Advertiser page 4, - 27 October 1862
Joseph Carr, Coronation Street ….

Geelong Advertiser, page 1 – 25 March 1863
Insolvent … Joseph Carr, Chilwell, licensed victualler,

Geelong Advertiser , page 3. 4 Feb 1865
Joseph Carr’s 5 room cottage, frontage to Coronation Street …. Title complete.


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Re: Benjamin CARR - immigration
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Yes, more than one Joseph CARR

The couple whom Peter's associates in research believe to be the right pair, were Joseph CARR and Margaret McKAY who married in 1854 in Vic (3701), I think.

Their certificate of marriage issued shortly after civil registration in Vic, should clearly give his origins and some family details.  perhaps this is the document the family history is based on.

Possibly the last of their children was born in Adelaide and died there in 1874, aged 4 years.

There is a death record also for Jos. CARR in 1871 and possibly this is the man of Peter's family history listings

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