Author Topic: Wireless Broadband Hackers  (Read 6988 times)

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Re: Wireless Broadband Hackers
« Reply #45 on: Monday 26 October 09 08:06 GMT (UK) »
I agree with what you say, but I think you've understated the difference between WEP and WPA security.

I am sure you are right Nick. I am no expert. There seems to be quite a sliding scale with WEP at the very bottom, WPA better, WPA2 better still and, for the future, 802.11i and then there's AES etc.

I think my point stands, anything is much better than nothing even WEP.


Yes Paul, just as sellotaping your front door to the frame is much better than leaving it wide open, but not quite as good as fitting a lock  :)

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Re: Wireless Broadband Hackers
« Reply #46 on: Monday 26 October 09 17:07 GMT (UK) »
Gosh I seem to have started something here  ;D

Just to let you know, our wireless router has been turned off as it is connected by cable and everything is fine.

Thanks again everyone for your help.

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