Author Topic: W. N. Nicholson's Ironworks Firm, Newark  (Read 17352 times)

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Re: W. N. Nicholson's Ironworks Firm, Newark
« Reply #18 on: Friday 03 May 13 05:36 BST (UK) »
Have you also seen the 4 factory photos of machinery in the Budapest archives on:

       Budapest Főváros Levéltára • Photos • HU BFL XI. 916. Klösz György és Fia Cég iratai
1.      Nicholson Gépgyár - álló gép   Klösz György      HU BFL XI.916 10/024. 1324.
2.      Nicholson Gépgyár kiállítása   Klösz György      HU BFL XI.916 10/024. 1325.
3.      Nicholson Gépgyár - 3 részes gép   Klösz György      HU BFL XI.916 10/025. 1326.
4.      Nicholson Gépgyár - nagygép   Klösz György      HU BFL XI.916 10/025. 1327.

You can view these four photos on the Internet, but you will need to click on    képhez    and follow instructions (in Hungarian) in order to download the Budapest State Archive's internal viewing program.

There is also more information if you search under his wife's maiden name of Schneider Etelka.

If you live in Budapest SWISSROLL, these archives are well worth visiting.  The spacious building is brand new and has a free car park.  It also has a small cafe, is open 4 days a week and has two late nights for those who have to work, membership is free, photocopies of original documents are inexpensive and the staff are young and most helpful.  The only problem is their summer recess (closed all of August) and administration.  You will firstly need to become a member, fill out many forms to order up any documents you want to view, and then return a few days later when the documents will be made available to you.  Such a system does not suit a researcher that can only afford to visit Budapest for a few days, but the benefits often far outweigh the disadvantages.

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W. N. Nicholson's Ironworks Firm, Newark
« Reply #19 on: Saturday 25 July 20 08:39 BST (UK) »
Hi Cd8535.
Are there any employment records for Nicholsons in Newark for the period Jan 1900 to May 1901? I am interested in tracing a man name Gough who was associated with Nicholsons and might have married into the family, although I think employee is more likely. Is there a family tree for the family?
I will be grateful for any help or guidance you might be able to give to me.
As an aside I must say I admire the family's achievements. They are truly remarkable, and evidence of great talent and industriousness.