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Re: Alexander Forbes & Jane Williams
« Reply #72 on: Tuesday 15 October 19 23:24 BST (UK) »

The English did the same with the Scottish that came to Ireland, treating them only "slightly better" than the Irish.

Hence their leaving very quickly for North America.

Killashee is one of the Churches mentioned in a Link I posted.

Of course Scanlan knew these settlers were put there as a buffer-zone.... but who would end up with all the allocated land/funds etc if they were all killed??

IGP is back up.... only one Forbes in Ballinalee.

All you can really do now is ask if there are further details on that Church Record or not... chances are they will look as they know which Register and the Date of the one that exists in the Church Register. 

Only ask about the one you need!!

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Re: Alexander Forbes & Jane Williams
« Reply #73 on: Friday 10 January 20 02:31 GMT (UK) »
my great grandad was i maffekind the boer warhe would have been around 29 or 30 prior to that he was in india apparently in the 18th hussars seconded to the imperial calvary pehaps find info on  the war records or brittanica wikki or somewhere like that?they may list the dead and survivors with photos too!?
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