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Liddesdale Ancient Battles
« on: Thursday 31 December 09 18:06 GMT (UK) »
Hello All,
I've researched the myths/legends/internet conjecture concerning the progenitor of the Armstrong family, & am now looking at Brythonic Celt origins. In the process I found some info detailing a battle at Arthuret between Peredur (aka 'Steel Arm') & Caer Gwendolleau. Further research revealed Gwendolleau to be from Liddesdale.
These probable Kingdom of Rheged Celts may have been connected to the Cervantii, Brigante & Selgovae tribes. The Brigantes were supposedly linked to Brigit who had a three-armed circular crest as her emblem. Many Armstrong Border graves have three arms carved into them - although in a different style.
I was wondering how much of the above is factual & how much yet more mythology?
Also, I've just discovered an old internet message from a Roy Graham* who mentioned the Brigantes speaking of a people called the 'Strong Arm' from north of Hadrian's Wall. Does anyone have info on this?
Many thanks (& Happy New Year!!!)
PS I see from further  searches that the gentleman's  full name should read Roy Graham Perkins
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