Author Topic: Laird Surname In Perth  (Read 2184 times)

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Laird Surname In Perth
« on: Saturday 30 January 10 23:56 GMT (UK) »
As opposed to lairds in Perth.... that's all a search finds!

I have a William Laird who, on his daughters christening record states he was born in Perth.  He was buried in Gateshead, Durham on 18 July 1824, age listed as 79, so a rough year of birth is c1745.  He was also listed as formerly Liut. 86th Regiment of Foot.

Backing up a bit, daughter Isabella was born in 1770 in St Giles, London.  Mother was listed as Isabella.  In 1776 three notices appeared for William in the London Gazette and he was subsequently imprisoned at Kings Bench in Southwark, the debtors prison.  He was listed as Liut. 86th Regiment of Foot, half pay.

Son John was born and christened in Gateshead in 1778, William was still in the Regiment.  Daughter Isabella was married in Gateshead in 1792; wife Isabella died there in 1823 and William died there in 1824.

This is a really long shot, but does anyone have any info on any Laird lines in Perth?  I know officers records are in WO 42 at TNA and you had to provide an official birth certificate to prove loyalty to the Crown.... if I'm going to get any information at all, this is my most likely source.  But I'm in America ...and I'm online looking at flights!!!

Anyway, I realise I can't ask specific questions..... but if anyone has any Laird families in this area or has anything that might help me, please let me know!!


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Re: Laird Surname In Perth
« Reply #1 on: Wednesday 24 March 10 17:16 GMT (UK) »
Not particularly helpful, but I have an Elizabeth Laird in my tree.  She was christened 1745 in Kilspindie to Robert Laird and Helen Barnet.  She married William Guthrie in 1773 in Kilspindie.  I believe Robert Laird was christened in Errol in 1712.  He married Helen Barnet in Kilspindie in 1744.  Elizabeth is my 6th great grandmother.
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Re: Laird Surname In Perth
« Reply #2 on: Thursday 25 March 10 09:58 GMT (UK) »
I have looked up the Scotlands People site and found five William Lairds in Perthshire non specific to the date but near.  As you know they were not so good at sorting out birthyears then.

1.  William Laird  1735         Father Thomas Laird            Perth             

2.  William Laird 1736         Father John Laird                 Perth
3.  William Laird  1738        Father  John Laird                Meigle    These two could possibly be same one birth
                                                                                                              the other the Baptism ?

4. William Laird 1739          father Andrew Laird              Lethendy and Kinloch
                                            / mother Margaret Sanders

5. William Laird 1761          father Patrick Laird                Perth
                                           /mother Grizel McNab

There are more william Lairds reg. in Perthshire but these are the nearest to your dates. Maybe you will be able to find some trend in the names that will help you. It is always helpful to have the mothers name but unfortunately they were not always recorded in the earlier days. Hope this is of some help.


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Re: Laird Surname In Perth
« Reply #3 on: Friday 26 March 10 15:19 GMT (UK) »
My Perth LAIRD's are:= Helen Laird c1791-1855 married Andrew Young 1815, daughter of James Laird c1747-1828. James was a weaver.

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