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Re: Barrister in England moved to Texas -Help
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In response to jorose's post - Thank you!  The references you found may fit my ancestry.

I've been looking for the Irish connection for both of my Irish great-great grandparents.

The Thomas A Dwyer who is my Irish-born ancestor married Annie Croker (Crocker).  They had 6 children: Joseph Luckett and Thomas A (Anthony or Aloysius), born in or near Corpus Christi TX, in 1855 and 185x (7?), Anna Eleanor, born in Virginia 1859, (I can't find specific birth/baptism documentation for her yet), Marie, Elizabeth (Bessie) (born around 1863, and John T, born in Texas in 1873.  Thomas was a judge (and merchant) in San Antonio and southwest TX; he died suddenly in 1879.  I found an obituary in a San Antonio paper.   I found some information in censuses but only can rely on TX 1880.  1870's was mostly lost. 

Thomas was, we believe, the brother of Edward Dwyer, one of the first Anglo mayors of San Antonio.  He married Mariana Leal de Ramon, a member of one of the early Canary Island settlers of San Antonio.  His birth date on his grave stone is listed as 1808.  His first name may have been William.  His daughter, Anita Dwyer Withers, wrote a diary which was published in the S.A. paper and now in book form.  Her husband was an adjutant to General Lee of the Confederate army.  Her brother Joseph had many children who were in politics and law in San Antonio and El Paso.

Joseph Luckett Dwyer married Anna Ihnken and settled in El Paso, TX.  Thomas,my mother's mothers' father,  married Paula Holguin of Parral Mexico; they immigrated to the US (El Paso) during the time of Pancho Villa.  Anna married Nicholas Nolan who was a person of note in the US Army.  She is buried in Arlington Cemetery.  Marie married Charles Nordstorm who was in the US army.  Their daughters were in theater, and their granddaughter Ursula was an author and editor at Harper Books.  At some point they were stationed in Montana, where her mother died (during a visit or residence, which I don't know) - I know this because Annie Croker Dwyer is buried in a military cemetery in Montana.  Bessie was the first woman to obtain a law degree in Texas.  She worked at the Library of Congress, has some articles in print, and went to the Phillippines (with a long, fascinating history), where she died in a Japanese concentration camp.  John T became a stage actor.

There is also a Thomas Dwyer who lived in Brenham TX.

A couple of stories that were handed down were that a male ancestor was a Lord Mayor of Dublin and a female ancestor was a lady-in-waiting to Queen Victoria.  I haven't been able to verify either.

Thank you, all who have posted in the last day, for your interest and help!