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Re: New Personal Website
« Reply #27 on: Monday 19 April 10 22:05 BST (UK) »
Hi Chris, I think it is very nicely done. I really enjoy inclusion of old photos on websites.  When you are down to tweeking the minor details later on, don't forget the apostrophe's for 'Fred's ... '  and  spelling as in  'derelict'.

 I know you are getting the construction and arrangment right first.  I also agree with 'teaurn' and 'Kerryb',  lists of names and dates make my eyes glaze over. It's great to have more than that.

 Also,  as someone else said, it makes me want to try and do a website too.   :)
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Re: New Personal Website
« Reply #28 on: Monday 19 April 10 22:11 BST (UK) »
Great site Chris.

One complaint, you don't have Rootschat on your links page  :o but i'll let you off as there's no links yet  :D

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Re: New Personal Website
« Reply #29 on: Wednesday 04 August 10 21:41 BST (UK) »
Very interesting. My Sharman family came to Southwell in about 1903. Although we have moved around the country since then, I came back to Southwell in 1999. Now I live about a mile from Maythorne Mill as the crow flies. Anyone reading this is invited to see my efforts too at but they are as nothing compared to Chris Swarbrooke's fine pages.
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Re: New Personal Website
« Reply #30 on: Saturday 31 March 12 15:49 BST (UK) »

I'm sorry to be really, really picky, but ...


Freds Story
should be
Fred's Story


Always looking for GOODWINS in Berkshire :)

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Re: New Personal Website
« Reply #31 on: Saturday 31 March 12 16:08 BST (UK) »
Oops sorry from me too... on the subject of apostrophe errors..

Maythorn Mill & the Nottinghamshire SWARBROOKE's

There should not be one after Swarbrooke... It is plural rather than possessive ;) so it should just be SWARBROOKES or SWARBROOKEs. I can see that might be confusing and make people think the name is Swarbrookes but you have said Swarbrooke underneath so you have clarified it.

Also the font and spacing is great on most pages and very pleasing on the eye -  but on Macclesfield Ancestors it looks a lot different and is quite hard to read (I am on Chrome at the moment but it does the same in IE). Also on the Newpaper Archives it looks smaller.

I do like the site and the content though. Well done. I have Macclesfield folk so will take a good look later.


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Re: New Personal Website
« Reply #32 on: Thursday 24 January 13 13:16 GMT (UK) »
Hi Chris

Looks great.  Love what you're doing.  Have pinned you onto my Nottingham History pin board for Notts sites and blogs

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Re: New Personal Website
« Reply #33 on: Thursday 24 January 13 14:11 GMT (UK) »
hi Wecamefrom

Well, thats very nice of you to do that, thank you very much

I clicked on your link and the first thing that hit me was my own piccy - yuk!!

Have you clicked on my other link that I have been working on for the past week

Its also still in Notts, but only just - what do you think?


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Re: New Personal Website
« Reply #34 on: Friday 21 February 14 15:52 GMT (UK) »
Chris, lovely website.
 I do have some Southwell connections. Mainly my Merrin(g) branch. James Merrin and his wife Esther Hill were married in Southwell Minster in 1861. They baptised 6 children in Southwell. With the abode being listed variously as Maythorne Mill, The silk Mill, Westgate and Westhorpe. Poor little George only survived 6 months and was buried at the Minster.His abode given as Maythorpe Mill, Southwell.
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Re: New Personal Website
« Reply #35 on: Sunday 16 November 14 10:12 GMT (UK) »
Hi Chris, nice website on Zouch.

I have a connection there via my Great Uncle's wife, Harriett Gertrude Padgett (later Stevenson). Born 1896. Her Son Harry tells me she was born there. Her sister's are listed on your site via the Baptism records. Interesting to see they spelt their surname without the "d" and with only one "t". I have now added her sister's middle names via your site. So thanks very much!

Cheers, Ade.
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